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Prayer is so much more than just talking to God. In fact prayer is incredibly more powerful that many even realize. Take a look at the true power of prayer in your life. [...]
Perseverance is a key quality that every Christian needs to have in order to live out their Christian walk to the fullest potential. Let's take a look at 12 great Bible verses about Perseverance that will encourage you to keep going and not give up. [...]
Mornings can be tough and our days may not always be the best, but starting your day out on the right foot will help to ensure that even on bad days you still see the positive. Start your day out on the right foot with these 16 Encouraging Bible verses. [...]
On the day of His return will Jesus say He knows you? Many Christians on that day will be shocked and disappointed to learn the truth of this question. Learn about what Matthew 7:23 is really talking about here. [...]
Feel overwhelmed and discouraged by problems or situations in your life? 7 Key things you need to Know in order to defeat and get through these problems and situation you are facing. [...]
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Joel Osteen 2015 Sermon - God's ways are Not our Ways is a powerful, encouraging sermon that will teach you about God's ways and what He truly wants for you in this life on earth. Watch the full sermon here and be blessed and encouraged today. [...]
World war 3 as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 in the Word of God, gives us a great indication of who will be involved, how many will be affected and will give us the basics of what will happen. Watch this incredibly informative video that dissects Ezekiel 38 and gives us a good look at what will happen. [...]
Posted On: 10/23/2014
Allowing your emotions to control your thoughts and actions can really work to get you into trouble, as we often say or do things that we do not intend to. Learn how to control emotions with this incredible video by Joyce Meyer. [...]
When you finally have an understanding of the power of words it will completely change your Christian walk and you life forever. The power of words is so important that even the Son of God spoke the world into existence. Learn how incredibly powerful your words can be and how you can control what comes out of your mouth. [...]
Looking for sound Biblical Marriage Advice with a twist of Humor? Laugh your Way to a better marriage is a great seminar series on marriage that will help to turn your marriage into the marriage God intended for you. Watch 2 full seminar videos of laugh your way to a better marriage here. [...]
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Posted On: 06/07/2014
There are so many people today who's pasts have gone too far. One of the biggest things that will keep you from living the fulfilled, peaceful life God has for you is holding onto your past. If you want to get rid of your past once and for all there is hope through Jesus Christ. [...]
What is the source of your faith? Are you depending on your resources instead of your source? Let's take a look at where our true faith lies. [...]
Posted On: 11/16/2013
Materialism is the foundation on which most peoples lives are built. They use materialistic things in order to show their wealth, success and worth. But there is a flaw to this foundation, one that will end up driving us further from God. [...]
Posted On: 10/17/2013
Are you a Verbal Polluter? Verbal pollution is one of the quickest ways to live a cursed life full of sadness, anger and other negativity. Take a look at what the Bible has to say about verbal Pollution and how stopping will positively change your life forever. [...]
Christianity is being attacked stronger than ever in today's society. Influential people from all over the world are preaching words of deceit in order to lead people astray from the truth of Jesus Christ, and the real meaning of Christianity. Don't be deceived by these wolves hiding behind sheep's clothing. [...]
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Left Behind 2014 is set to release October 3rd 2014. This movie depicts the Biblical event of the "Rapture" and features a small group of people who are left behind after millions disappear. Now nothing but chaos and disaster faces them at every turn. [...]
Posted On: 04/26/2014
Exodus: Gods and Kings is set to hit the movie theaters this upcoming December and will recount the story of Moses in the Bible. Read more about this upcoming movie here. [...]
Evolutionist Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham debated over who's origins model was correct this past week in Petersburg KY at the creation museum. The full debate can be seen here. [...]
A new image released by NASA shows an incredible space explosion that resembles a gigantic hand like formation, which has been coined the "Hand of God" Take a look at it here! [...]
Noah (2014) is Darren Aronofsky's long awaited movie that will be hitting theaters in March of 2014, take a look at the official trailer right here. [...]