10 Famous Bible Stories

The Bible is filled with stories and history dating back to the beginning of time.  These stories often tell of battles, kings, important people and much more.  Bible stories are often used to help us understand what happened long ago and also helps to teach us lessons through the actions and or events of the story being told.  Today I will be going through 10 of the most famous stories from the Bible.

1. Adam and Eve – This story takes us back to the beginning of time.  Adam and Eve are the first humans to be created on the earth.  They are given authority over the animals and live in the garden of Eden.  They are told that they are able to go anywhere and eat anything they want except for the fruit of one tree in the center of the garden.  As the story of Adam and Eve unfolds we see that Eve is one day deceived into eating of that fruit and then gives the fruit to Adam who then eats of it as well.  Sin then enters the world and they are banished from the garden forever.  This story can be found starting in Genesis 2:7

2. Jonah and the Whale – Jonah is instructed by God to go and preach to the people in Ninevah, however because of his fear he decides to run the other direction in an attempt to get away from God.  Jonah is punished for his disobedience by God and is swallowed by a whale where he sits inside its stomach for 3 days and 3 nights.  At this time Jonah prays to the Lord and agrees to follow Him.  Jonah is spit from the mouth of the whale and goes and preaches to the people of Ninevah just as God had instructed.  This story can be found starting in Jonah 1:1.

3. Daniel and the Lions Den – Daniel is a devoted Christian and he spends time with the Lord and prays everyday.  One day the king of that land is tricked into outlawing any kind of worship or prayer towards any other except for himself.  Daniel is seen praying and is taken to the kins who is saddened as he likes Daniel.  The king however, because it is law tells the guards to throw him in the lions den.  Daniel prays and the Lord shuts the mouths of the lions so they are unable to harm him.  In the morning the king goes to the lions den and calls for Daniel.  Upon realizing that he is alive he because upset with the people that tricked him and he throws them to the lions.  This story can be found starting in Daniel 1:1.

4. Noah and the Ark – One day Noah is told by God that the earth will flood killing every living thing because of the extreme sin that is going on in the land.  He is told to build an ark large enough to carry his family and two of every species of animal and living thing.  After the ark is finished it is sealed and the rains begin.  The whole earth is flooded and they stay in the boat for almost a year, after which time he is finally able to land on the top of a mountain.  Because of his obedience his family is saved and the re-population of the earth is possible.  This story can be found starting in Genesis 6:9.

5. The 10 Commandments -  This story is actually part of the bigger story of Moses, this story of the ten commandments begins after the Israelites are let go from Egypt and they are in the wilderness wandering around towards the promised land.  Moses is called up to the mountain and it is there that he sees a burning bush (God) and the 10 commandments are formed.  This story begins in the book of Exodus chapter 33

6. The Savior Jesus Christ – The most important event ever to happen to mankind was the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.  This story tells of the birth and the life of Jesus Christ the Son of God and tells us about how He died a sinners death upon a cross for our sins.  Jesus performed many miracles and helped many out.  The story of Jesus can be read in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  These are all the same story however they are from the different points of view from each of these writers.

7.  Zacchaeus the Tax Collector -  Zacchaeus was a tax collector who cheated many people on their taxes, keeping the surplus charged for himself.  One day Jesus is walking and meets Zacchaeus and tells him that He will be having dinner with him that evening.  Zaccheaus changes and becomes an honorable man; repaying above what he had taken from others.  The story of Zacchaeus can be found in Luke 19.

8. Shadrach, Meeshach and Abednego – At the time of this story king Nebuchadnezzar had built himself a statue of himself and had deemed that everybody would have to bow to his statue or be thrown in the furnace.  These three young men loved God and refused to obey the king’s demands.  They were thrown into the fire but God saves them and when they come out of the fire Jesus is with them and they are not at all harmed.  This story can be found in the book of Daniel chapter 3.

9. Joseph – Joseph had 11 brothers and one day his father Jacob gave him a beautiful robe.  This angered his brothers, during the story it told that they take him and throw him in a well but as they do this some merchants wander by and Joseph is sold into slavery.  Joseph is sold to Potiphar; an officer of Pharoah who through the favor of the Lord takes a liking to Joseph and puts him in charge of everything he owned.  One day Joseph is betrayed and is put into prison.  Through a series of events he is able to get out and he becomes very powerful and ends up saving his family and many others.  You can read more about the story of Joseph beginning at Genesis 37.

10. Job – This story is obviously about a guy named Job.  He was a righteous person who was completely devoted to God and he was greatly trusted by God.  One day satan asks God if he can test Job, in doing this he will show God that Job is not really all that strong in his faith to God.  God accepts and satan goes to work destroying his quality of life.  Job is tested and tested again losing literally everything he has.  You can read more about this story beginning in Job.

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