20 Encouraging Joel Osteen Quotes on Faith

Joel Osteen is a man of great faith who has spent his life teaching and encouraging others about God’s blessings, and teaching us how to use our words to enrich our thinking and ultimately our life. Faith is the main basis behind Christianity and without it we can do nothing. Many of Joel Osteen’s quotes speak about faith and really help to give us encouragement as well as remind us about what God says in His Word.

Today I would like to share with you 20 Encouraging Joel Osteen quotes on faith that will not only bless you but will give you encouragement no matter what situation you may be going through.

20 Joel Osteen Quotes on Faith

“Be a believer and not a doubter. You may not see a way, but there is still a way.”

“We look at situations and think it’s never going to work out, but God is saying, “Is there any limit to My power?”

“If you’ll stay in faith, when the smoke clears and the dust settles, you won’t be the victim, you’ll be the victor.”

“Nothing you’re facing is a surprise to God. It may be complicated to you, but to Him it’s a simple thing.”

“You should rise up in faith and say, “This is my time. This is my moment.” Take steps of faith to pursue new opportunities.”

“Peace is not the absence of trouble. Peace is knowing that God is right there with you in the midst of the trouble.”

“When you magnify the promises instead of the problems, that’s your faith being released.”

“No matter how hard the winds blow, they can’t defeat you. If you’ll stay in faith, you’ll be able to say, “I’m still standing.”

“No matter how long it’s been, no matter how impossible it looks, if you’ll stay in faith, your time is coming.”

“Our character is developed in the tough times. That’s when our faith is tested and made stronger.”

“If you’ll stay in faith in the hard times, when it’s your time to bloom, all the forces against you won’t be able to stop you.”

“When it looks permanent, like your days are over, have radical faith. Choose to believe even when it looks impossible.”

“You don’t have to have great faith in order for something great to happen. Even small faith can move a mountain.”

“It’s easy to think, “When I see it I’ll believe it.” But faith is just the opposite. You have to believe it—then you’ll see it.”

“Don’t just think about it, and believe that it will happen. Take one more step and declare it by faith.”

“You’ve got to give God permission to increase you. Stretch your faith. The only thing that limits Him is your ability to receive.”

“If it doesn’t happen your way, keep the right perspective. If you’ll stir up your faith, God will finish what He started.”

“Weed out the naysayers and doubters. Surround yourself with believers, people of faith, people that understand your destiny.”

“Keep being faithful right where you are. When you do that, like a magnet, you’ll draw in what already has your name on it.”

“When you go through the day with faith, anticipating something good, God goes to work to arrange things in your favor.”

Faith is so important in our everyday lives. It is only through faith that we can please God, and it is only through faith that we can heal in Jesus Name, and we can have what we ask for. Having faith and keeping a positive mindset focused on God and the promises He has given to us is a sure fire way to live a life full of happiness, peace, blessings, favor, all while being a light to those who are in darkness.




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