3 Ways to Make your Life more Enjoyable and Fulfilling

Life is hard, stressful and can often times be downright overwhelming.  We as a society have so much going on, and the technology that has enabled us to be more productive has negatively affected how fast our lives are now traveling on a daily basis.  It’s no wonder why so many of us today are in a constant struggle to find more time to do things for ourselves, and to enjoy the life that we currently have here on the earth before we become too old or we die.

The problem is that while life is very hectic and busy, God gives us a great instruction manual on how to live an enjoyable, fulfilling and successful life filled with goodness and happiness.  Today I would like to give you 3 ways to get more enjoyment and fulfillment out of your current life.

1. Spend more time with your Creator

God created us and when He did so He placed into our hearts the desire to have a relationship with Him.  Life often gets in the way of this, and because of our sinful natures, and the sinful pull of the world we become wrapped up in life and we become too busy for God.  It is a sad fact that many Christians today don’t go to church, read the Bible, pray or spend any kind of time reflecting on their Creator.  This leaves our hearts with a void, and as we begin to move further away from God in our relationships we begin to feel less and less of His joy and peace in our lives.

The truth is that God wants a relationship with us.  He knows how busy we are, and He knows that we have to get things done, and have deadlines we have to meet, but He tells us to spend time with Him, put Him first in our lives and He will be faithful in helping us get everything we need to get accomplished done.  When we are faithful in doing things God’s way instead of our own, He has a habit of blessing us with extra time, projects that sail smoothly instead of having a lot of problems and hold ups.  You will inevitably get more done, feel closer to God, have more peace and joy will enter your life and you will no longer have that void in your heart.

2. Spend more Time in the Word of God

We live in a very negative oriented world, where we have negativity coming at us from what seems like every direction we turn.  With all of this negativity it is really no wonder why most of us feel trampled down, discouraged and without the necessary drive to get certain things and projects done.  What many people don’t realize is that the Bible is not just a set of rules and regulations, it is not just historical accounts that took place, but it is full of promises and uplifting and encouraging Bible verses that you can memorize and store in your heart so that when life tries to pull you down, you can fight back with the positive words and promises from the Word of God.

Aside from the positive and encouraging words, the Word gives us insight into the nature of our Creator and His son Jesus Christ.  When we realize and fill our minds and hearts with the truths about who God is and what we are able to have and do through Jesus Christ we are able to be more confident, feel more fulfilled and happy about who we are and about our outlook on this life.

3. Renew the Way you Think and Talk

Words are very powerful, as we read in the Bible, the tongue has the power to create life or death.  In fact words are so powerful that they can literally determine the outcome of your life.  If you are consistently speaking negatively and putting yourself or others down, you will begin to start thinking the same thing and you will destroy the happiness, joy and possibility of ever succeeding at anything in your life.

This is why the Word of God has so many words of encouragement, and tells us that through Jesus Christ we can do anything.  We need to begin renewing our minds and changing the way we speak so that we are filling our minds with positive words that will give us hope, joy, happiness and the motivation to succeed in anything that we put our hands to.

The happiness and fulfillment of our lives is completely based on the strength of our relationship with Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him.  When we choose to disregard Jesus and choose to live our lives the way we want to live them, without any consideration for what God has purposed you for, you will inevitably be sad, miserable and have a void in your life that you will never be able to fill.

This can be seen by many in the entertainment industry who have all the money one could have, the fame the popularity, all of the nice things and friends wherever they turn, but they are often still sad, and are craving something that they cannot find, and sadly their lives get torn apart and some even choose to end their lives because even though they have everything, in reality without Christ in your life you still have nothing.



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