5 Reasons God’s Not Dead is a Must See Movie

God’s Not Dead is a new Christian drama that was just released and is already making quite a splash with a current box office earnings at the 48 million dollar mark. As always there are mixed reviews and feelings about this movie that you can find online and even hear about from word of mouth. If you are looking for a truthful Christian perspective review I would encourage you to check out our God’s Not Dead Review. Despite any negative reviews or responses you may hear or read, God’s Not Dead is a great movie with a very powerful message of hope that will encourage Christians and tug at the hearts of the lost.

I would like to highlight 5 reasons why you should go see God’s Not Dead.

1. Shows your Support for Christian Movies

It really isn’t all that often that we see a Christian movie that has not been polluted by the ideas of Hollywood reach theaters, and if they do they usually do not last long as there tends to be a whole lot less demand for it. When a Christian movie like God’s Not Dead does get the opportunity to have screenings in a major movie theater your support drives up the popularity, and revenues for the movie, thus allowing it to stay longer in theaters, and encouraging future Christian movies to be made and accepted by these theaters.

2. The Cost of Following Jesus Christ

God’s Not Dead is a very encouraging movie and does a great job of reminding it’s audience just how much it can cost in order to follow Jesus Christ in a world dominated by sin, and those who hate anything that has to do with God or Jesus. This movie reminds us that even though we may lose everything, or that we may have to put all we have on the line, that choosing to stand strong in our faith will always be the best choice.

3. A Great witness to the Unsaved

Honestly compared to many of the Christian movies out there today, God’s Not Dead is not very “preachy” and uses actual scientific and logical facts to bring out the point that God is Not Dead. This movie does make use of scripture and there is of course references to Christianity but overall this movie delivers it’s message in a debate type fashion that is backed up by logical points. This movie offers a great way to get unsaved people thinking about God and His existence, so bringing our unsaved friends is definitely encouraged.

4. A great way to learn

It doesn’t matter whether you are not a Christian, newly saved or have been saved for awhile, God’s Not Dead will likely teach you something new on the topic of evolution vs creationism. There are some great points that are used to disprove the theories of some of the most brilliant scientific minds behind the “Big Bang” theory.

5. The Big Name actors

Come on I mean you have Kevin Sorbo, Willie and Korie Robertson and the Newsboys I mean that should be reason enough to go see this movie. But in all seriousness while these actors do a great job, these bigger names usually come at a bigger price tag which is why many Christian movies are chock full of “never heard of” actors, and don’t have the quality that the mainstream media is used to. By going to see this movie you are helping to increase profits, which will allow these directors and producers to have bigger budgets so that they can continue to come out with more wholesome quality Christian movies.

I strongly encourage everybody to go and see God’s Not Dead. It really is a fantastic movie, that is very well done, has a great storyline and is sure to be an encouragement, and a blessing to Christians and the unsaved. Go and help support the Christian Movie community and show our society that no matter how hard they try to push God out, we will never stop fighting to let God back in.




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