5 Reasons You and Your Kids Need an Internet Filter Today

The internet is an incredible tool that has helped us to be able to do many things we otherwise couldn’t do. However along with all of the good that has come from the internet, we also as parents, and as Christians be wise about the bad things that have come along with the Internet as well.

Regardless of whether you are single, married, children or no children, it is becoming more and more imperative that you get a good Internet filter that you can trust to keep you and your kids safe from dangerous or harmful content online. But more than just a filter you need a software that will make you accountable to somebody, or your kids accountable to you. Accountability is one of the best ways you can keep yourself from falling into temptation, and to let others know when there may be a problem.

Today I want to give you 5 Reasons why you need to protect yourself and your kids with an internet filter and accountability software.

1. Video and Multimedia Site Content

Websites like Youtube and Vimeo offer a ton of great videos that are entertaining as well as educational, however they as well as many others out there offer videos that show extreme violence, sexually suggestive material, nudity, sexual scenes, profanity, and many other videos that are extremely easy to access.

These websites do have age restrictions on some of these types of videos however, the videos that slip by the age restriction, and the ease at which somebody can create an account with fake information is quite easy to do.

2. Social Media Sites

Social media sites like facebook, myspace, flickr, twitter etc are great sites where you can make friends and learn from others around the world. They have become very popular over the last few years and are now some of the most visited sites online today. However along with the good of these sites comes predators, scam artists and other types of people who use the information from these sites to do harm.

Many of the children or people who go missing or the people who have been raped or killed have been tracked down through social media, or have been sexually coerced over these types of sites.

3. Torrents/Downloading Sites

These websites are filled with pirated software, videos, games and movies. Not only do they have illegal content, but they also have very racy ads that often advertise porn sites, violent type content, or online gambling. On top of this many and I emphasize Many of the buttons that are used to download the content have tracking software, viruses, trojan horses and adware attached to them.

These sites are very popular among youth and older people who enjoy downloading content. However can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, and you click on an ad that may bring you somewhere you don’t want to be, or install something you don’t want on your computer.

4. Gaming/Online Gaming Sites

Online gaming websites offer the ability to go online and play free games, however there are a few things that can get you or your kids into trouble. Online gaming sites often advertise for online gambling sites, and can also be very sneaky about ad link placement as well. Online gaming sites also tend to be riddled with adware and viruses, specifically so the ones that track what you look at and do online so that they can offer you gaming ads and other offers according to your online habits.

On top of this there are a few online game sites that do offer x-rated games, and games that are full of sexual themes and violence, that would be inappropriate for even adults.

5. Pornography/Sexually Explicit Sites

Last but certainly not least, in fact it is the biggest problem online for not only kids but teens, and adults as well. It is estimated that there are over 24 Million pornographic websites online, and is growing at an incredibly fast rate. In fact 40 million people visit pornographic websites daily, and through research most kids by the age of 11 will have seen pornographic content online.

Pornography which was once a whole lot harder to get a hold of has now become only a few button clicks away for anybody online. With the morals of society dropping and the demand for online pornography content so high, it is making it easier and easier to access porn on the internet. In fact many of the porn sites online are free, and offer free images, pictures, chat sessions and more.

Pornography is very dangerous as it can destroy your relationships, jobs, healthy view of sexual relationships, view of women, view of yourself and more. Porn is actually one of the fastest sins that will have you delving deeper and deeper into its darkest depths. In fact in the Bible it tells us in Proverbs 27:20

“Just as Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so human desire is never satisfied.”

The truth of the matter is that with all of the harmful and sinful things literally hurling themselves at you and your family or kids it is an absolute necessity that you have a Christian based web filter and accountability software that you can trust to keep you and your family safe.

I recommend the Covenant Eyes Web Filter and Accountability software because:
-> It is a Christian based Company.
-> They offer a web filter as well as an accountability software.
-> It can be installed on computers, tablets and Phones.
-> Fast, trustworthy customer support.
-> Easy to read and follow reports on web activity.
-> Family rate so all your family devices can be protected.
-> Trusted protection used by 1000′s of Christian households.

Start Protecting you and your Family today!


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