5 Ways to Spend Time with God During Your Busy Day

In today’s world “normal” life travels at what seems a million miles a minute. Let’s face we are all busy whether it be with kids, school, work, family, daily errands or any number of other things that we can find occupying our time.

Unfortunately the busyness of our lives often has us bumping spending time with God down the list until there is no more time in the day and we must try to fit Him in again tomorrow.

In reality our thought process is wrong.  We need to stop thinking about spending time with God as an appointment, or a time slot marked off in our day planner.  Instead we need to remember that God is right there beside us every moment of every day.  The Lord does not want to be just an appointment or a small portion of your day, He wants to be part of your whole day.

Here are 5 ways that you can spend more time with God even during your busy day.


1. Listen to Worship music, Audio Bible, and/or Christian sermons.

Not only will listening to Christian media encourage you and help to keep your mind in the right place it will also work to help you keep your focus on God, and to spend time with him through worshiping and pondering about Him and what He has done for you.

Even if you’re incredibly busy have it playing in the background where you work, or listen on your way to or from work, at home while cooking dinner, or wherever you can.  It takes no extra time at all and you will be filling your mind and atmosphere with a spirit of worship to God.


2. Sing or Hum Songs of Worship or Praise to the Lord

If you are unable to listen to music or other Christian media all day, spend different moments throughout your day simply singing or humming worship songs or praise songs to God.  This doesn’t sound like much but remember that God wants you to interact with him all day every day and doesn’t want to be only a spectator where he receives an hour of your scheduled time when it fits.

Acknowledging that He is with you and glorifying His name with something as simple as humming or singing quietly to Him will help to improve your relationship and closeness with our creator.


3. Make Conversation with Him, Ask Him Questions

When an issue arises or you have a thought or question, instead of first jumping over to the nearest person, or even Google, try asking God about the issue, or asking God the question you have.  After all He will enjoy that you are interacting with Him and He of course knows all and best of all can and will help you no matter what the issue or question.

Even just talking to God about your day, or telling him about how you feel at that moment is connecting with God and spending quality time with Him.


4. Read the Bible through your Favorite Bible App

With the ability these days to have the Bible in many translations right at your fingertips every minute of the day, it really doesn’t make sense that we cannot take one of our breaks or a lunch or even 5 min here and there throughout the day when we are sitting not doing anything or waiting for somebody or something.

The Lord knows and understands that we are busy but He through people and technology has given us easy ways of accessing Him through his Word.  As we read His Word and ponder on His Word, thanking God for it and praising Him, we get to know God more and really begin to strengthen our faith and relationship in Jesus Christ our Creator.


5. Listen and Give Silence to God

When we go to God we tend to pray for a lot of things and ask a lot of questions, or ask for guidance on issues or avenues of our life.  We continue to pray and ask and yet most of us outside of our “When we can squeeze it in” time with God rarely ever just take some time throughout our day to quiet our surroundings and soul and give God our absolute and complete attention to answer our questions, prayers or advice.

We often times spend so much time bombarding God that we forget that He too has a voice and He too wants to speak to us.  Taking even just 5 – 10 minutes a few times a day to just sit down in a quiet setting and simply say to God “I am listening, what do you want to tell me?”  Wait on the Lord without talking, without distractions, without your mind wondering, just you and Him.


It is very important that we purpose and make every effort to place God number one in our lives, above our spouse, our jobs our kids,  families and everyday life.  Even though it may seem like an impossibility when you look at what your day consists of you have to remember that when you are faithful in placing God first that He is in turn faithful to you in helping you complete all of your day to day tasks.

Learning to place God first in everything we do is tough and our flesh will fight against it, however the more we purpose to do it the easier it will become, and the more fulfilled, blessed and peaceful our lives will be and feel and the stronger our faith and relationship with Christ will be.



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