A Christmas Reflection – Let us Remember

Christmas is just a few days away, and with all of the seasons plans and events it is very easy to become wrapped up in all of the gifts being bought, the decorations and the festivities of the season.

All of these are great and fun but the truth of the matter is that they can really work to drowned out the real meaning of Christmas.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season we can quickly forget that Christmas is not just a season filled with love, joy generosity and family, but rather it is the birthday of a very important person who died for each and every one of us even though we didn’t deserve it.

Jesus Christ is the reason for the season!, Christmas is all about Christ and we cannot forget that had it not been for His willingness and obedience to the Father, and if it hadn’t been for the love and mercy of God the father, there would be no Christmas.  In fact there would be nothing but sorrow, pain and emptiness in the world with no hope in sight.

Christmas is not about the gifts that you receive, its not about food or decorations, no Christmas is about thanking Christ for what He did for us.  It is about being a light to those in darkness and showing them the true spirit of Christ.

This Christmas season let us remember Christ, let us reach out and instead of being focused on receiving let’s give to those in need.  Let us open our homes and hearts to people who may be alone or in need for Christmas.  Let us be the light Jesus called us to be to those in darkness.

In closing here is a short skit that really causes you to remember and to think about what Jesus Christ really did for us.




Merry Christmas to you all, be blessed and stay safe during this great Christmas Season.



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