Best Free Bible App for your Phone 2013

Cell phones have come a long way since the beginning of their time.  With the increase in technology we have been able to turn our phones into mini computers.  You  are now able to go online, play games, message, listen to music and more.  With these new “Smart Phones” as they are called there is also the addition of apps; programs that can be downloaded to your phone.  This is great because this allows for easy access to the Bible and many other free Bible app study tools on your phone, so that they can easily go where you go.

Which Free Bible App is the Best?

In my opinion there are 2 really great Bible apps out there which I will mention, however there is one that I use all of the time, and that I would recommend to anybody looking for a free app of the Bible.

1. YouVersion – by

The YouVersion Bible app that has been created by as a ministry outreach.  YouVersion is a free Bible app that has had over 10,000,000 downloads and is a great app that offers many other features than just the Bible.  Once you have downloaded the YouVersion Bible app you will have access to not only the Bible but to these great features as well:

- Choose from hundreds of different Bible Versions.

- Over 200 languages to choose from

- Offline Bible’s so that you can have access to a Bible when you have no Data services.

- Audio Bibles allow you to receive the Word of God while doing other daily tasks.

- 100′s of Devotionals, Reading Plans, Topical Plans.

- Customize your Bible with the ability to highlight meaningful verses, share verses with your friends, bookmark passages, add notes to passages, change fonts.

The YouVersion free Bible app is a great app that gives you all of the tools and resources you will need in order to read and learn the Word of God wherever you go.  I would strongly recommend downloading it today and discover the app for yourself.

Go to the YouVersion Free Bible App Page Now


2. Bible Gateway – by Zondervan

The Bible Gateway free Bible app is a very close runner up.  This app is created by Zondervan and is also a very well known website which includes on online bible.  The Bible Gateway app has over 500,000 downloads and also comes packed full of study tools and features to help you read and learn the Bible wherever you are.  Some of the features of this app include:

- Over 90 different translations of the Bible to choose from, including some popular versions such as:  NIV, NKJV, KJV, NLT, NASB etc.

- Easy to use and very accurate Bible search feature

- Daily reading plans

- Audio Bible so that you can listen to the Word and do other tasks.

- Personal notes section

- Bible Verse “Favorites” section

- Highlight Bible verses

- Share passages with friends and family

Visit the Bible Gateway app page now

Overall YouVersion and the Bible Gateway app are very similar and are both robust free bible apps that are packed with a ton of great features, and tools that will give you everything you need in order to read, learn and understand the Bible.  While they are close I did choose the YouVersion app as I found that it was a bit cleaner and easier to navigate.  Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and you should download both and keep the one you feel is the best to you.



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