Bible Reading Plan – 10 Reading Plans To Begin 2014

Bible reading plans are a great way to get into the Word of God on a daily basis and increase both your knowledge and understanding.  There are many different Bible reading plans available to you whether you read online, on your mobile phone or if you’re reading the physical version of the Bible.  The main categories of reading plans include: Entire Bible, Partial Bible, Devotional and Topical reading plans.  One of the top places to find free Bible reading plans online is the YouVersion Bible app from This app is accessible on your PC as well as all of the major mobile devices and tablets available today.  Today I am going to share with you 10 of the top reading plans that will get you into the Word of God.

1. Life Application Study Bible Devotion Plan

This is a great devotional type Bible reading plan that lasts about a year.  With this free plan you will receive a daily devotional with a scripture verse and a note about how you can take that Biblical principle and apply it to your everyday life.  This is a great reading plan that will be sure to bless you and help you to start living a life full of righteousness.

2. Chronological Reading Plan

If you are into learning about the order of the events that took place in the Bible then this reading plan is for you.  The Chronological Bible reading plan takes you through the Word of God in historical order in which the events in the Bible took place.  This reading plan is perfect to learn the order of the Kings, and to gain a broader understanding of the different events that took place in the beginning of time.

3. Made to Crave 21 Day Challenge

This Bible reading plan is geared more towards women.  It deals with women who have a hard time with food.  It is a 21 day reading plan that will challenge you and ultimately show you how to release your dependence on Food or any other unhealthy habit and begin to turn those cravings in to cravings for the Word of God.  This is an excellent reading plan that will teach you a lot of great information.  This devotional reading plan is actually part of the Made to Crave Book a New York Times Bestseller.

4. The One Year Bible

This is a very well rounded reading plan that will help you work your way through the entire Bible in a year’s time.  This reading plan basically consists of daily readings from the new and old testament as well as added readings from psalm and proverbs.

5. Bible in 90 Days

This Bible reading plan will definitely challenge you by taking you through the entire Bible in just 90 days.  This reading plan I personally to be a bit more difficult to really learn in detail the scriptures, ideas and principles you read throughout the Bible because of the sheer volume of reading that you are doing on a daily basis.  This reading plan is good however for those of you who are looking for a challenge and are hungry to read a lot of God’s Word.

6. First Steps Reading Plan

This biblical reading plan focuses more on those who are new to reading the Bible and who don’t have the knowledge or confidence in what they are reading.  This excellent Bible reading plan will take you through the Bible and will give you a few daily readings that will help to build your knowledge and confidence of what you are reading.  This reading plan is a definite must for the newer Christian who is looking to increase their knowledge, confidence and faith in Jesus Christ.

7. Day by Day with Billy Graham

This reading plan is a devotional type plan that features daily devotionals with insight, encouragement and life application from Billy Graham.  This is a great Bible reading plan that will really help to increase your knowledge of the Word as well as your faith.  Billy Graham in an incredible evangelist with great understanding, and knowledge of the Bible which he shares with you in this daily devotional reading plan.

8. Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – a Daily Devotional

Joyce Meyers does an excellent job of helping you work your way through the Bible in a year’s time.  This is a devotional type of reading plan that work to renew your mind and to help you discover the life full of purpose that so many of us desire.  In just 10 minutes per day you will be well on your way to learning how you can turn your life around and begin knowing God on a more personal level.

9. Major Events

This Bible reading plan takes you through the major events of the Bible.  This reading plan is for those who are newer to the Christian faith who aren’t fully aware of the history of Christianity’s events.  This reading plan features a 5 day reading with 2 days rest plan that will give you a ton of fascinating information, while not bogging you down too much with reading.  A great reading plan that will grow you understanding of the Christian Faith.

10. Psalms and Proverbs

Psalms and Proverbs are full of advice for your daily life.  They are practical books about how you should live and about praising God and being thankful to God our Creator.  These books never fail to teach me something new every time I read through them.  This reading plan is designed to last a one year duration and will take you through the book of Psalm twice and proverbs 12 times.  This is a great reading plan if you want to become more familiar with these two books of the Bible.

These are just a few of the excellent Bible reading plans that you can get from the YouVersion app from  In all you can have access to over 150 Bible reading plans that are all free to use and will help you to increase your biblical knowledge as well as helping you to go further in your Christian faith.  I highly recommend heading on over to and getting started with a reading plan for yourself.





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