Books of the Old Testament with Summary – Continued

This is a continuation from the first post that list the Books of the old Testament in order with a brief description of what each book is about.  To see the first half of the books of the old testament you can go to the post – Books of the Old Testament with Summary.



King Cyrus’ cupbearer, he as a Jew is disturbed that it has been many years since the group of exiles has gone back to Judah, and yet they have not rebuilt the temple walls.  Nehemiah receives the consent of the King to go there and lead the Israelites in building the temple walls, which is completed in just 52 days.


A woman of Jewish decent wins a beauty contest and is made queen of Persia.  While queen she uncovers a plan to kill all of the jews, and risking her own life she goes to the King to plead for his protection.  God has favor over Esther and the King is pleased with her.  The King hangs the man in charge of planning the attack and the Jews are told to defend themselves against the attack.


A wealthy farmer with a true heart for God.  Satan comes to God and tells God that if Job is tested that He will turn away from God.  God allows satan to test Job, on the condition that he does not bring death to Job.  After Job has lost everything, including his family and everything he owns, He still stands strong in God and does not go against God.  God rewards Job for his trust, obedience and faithfulness to Him and rewards him with twice as much as he had before.


A compilation of poems and odes most of which are said to be written by David.  These poems take us through emotionally driven words of sorrow, happiness, sadness, praise and thankfulness to God.  Many of the Psalms can be seen as small prayers or cries of help to God, while others are seen as poems written for God.


This gives us a compilation of practical tips and words of wisdom for our daily living today.  There are 31 Proverbs said to be for each day of the month.  These proverbs were written by King Solomon, the wisest person to ever live according to the Word of God.  These proverbs speak on issues such as money, greed, anger, trust, and daily living advice.


Most likely written by Solomon, this book focuses on the thoughts of Solomon, and how after pursuing all of the things of this world, realizes that it is all in vain.  People live, work hard to amass much success and then die only to have all of their work passed on to somebody else.  He realizes that above all it is our duty to Fear God and to live life with that as our first goal.

Song of Solomon

This is basically love letters written between solomon and a women he is set to marry.  We learn from this book of the old testament that the loving of each others bodies and the sexual pleasures of married love is worth celebrating.


A prophet that prophesied of many things to happen in the future.  He foretold of Jesus Christ who was the coming messiah that would be bruised and put to death for our sins.  This book details his visions and prophecies.


Another prophet who foretells the fate of Judah for their rebellion and sin against God.  Jeremiah’s words are not taken well and he is thrown into a muddy well, beaten and bruised, however Jeremiah’s words come true and the defeat of Judah comes to pass when the Babylonians take over.


A book of the old testament said to be written by Jeremiah.  This book tells us of the time that Jeremiah sees the prophesies he made about the tribe of Judah become fulfilled.  Hes is saddened and brought to tears.


Ezekiel a priest who is an exile in Babylon is used by God to bring the word or national restoration for the Jewish nations.  He reminds them of the sin that caused their downfall and brings encouragement to the other Jewish exiles.


Recounts the famous story of how Daniel was faithful in praying to God everyday, Prayer to anybody but to the king is forbidden and because Daniel continues to honor God through prayer, he is thrown to the lions, after the night the king rushes to the den and Daniel is unharmed by the lions and God shut their mouths.  The king is thrilled and the advisors who planned this attack on Daniel were thrown to the lions and devoured.


A man whom God called to marry a prostitute to comparatively show the similarity in His relationship with Israel.  The picture given was that God is the honorable, and righteous husband paired with an unfaithful sinful wife (Israel).  Hosea marries the prostitute and has a family, when she goes back into the slave market, she is bought back by Hosea.  This gives a picture of the punishment for sin and the blessings for repentance.


Talks about a great plague of locusts that sweeps the tribe of Judah, but Joel tells of an even worse event coming.  He tells about the day of the Lord when all people will be punished for their sins once and for all, and that there is still time to repent.


A lowly shepherd used by God to rebuke the Israelite’s for their many sins against God.  He warns of a coming punishment because of their unfaithfulness.


Talks about Edom, a nation that was under Esau, Jacobs brother, who helped the Babylonians ransack and take over Jeruselem.  This Book talks about the punishment they receive for going against his brothers nation.


God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach to them.  Jonah out of fear refuses and tries to run.  He is swallowed by a big fish and then 3 days later spit out on the shores.  Jonah learns his lesson and then goes to Nineveh to fulfill what he was called to do by God.


This book is another book of the old testament where Micah rebukes the northern and southern Jewish nations for their continued sinful lifestyles and idol worshiping.


Talks about the fall of Ninevah at the wrath of God’s judgment for their sins.


A prophet who complains about the way God is going about punishing His people.  God rebukes him for speaking out against God’s ways and in the end Habakkuk submits to God


Talks about the coming day of the Lord.  Gives us insight into the end day when God comes back to punish the earth for their sin once and for all.


A prophet that God uses to tell the Jewish captives in Babylon to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple walls.


Another prophet who encourages the Jewish captives to go and rebuild the temple walls in Jerusalem, He also foretells of the coming Messiah.


A man who rebukes the Jews for becoming slack in their obedience to God.  He rebukes them for divorcing their wives, offering lame or sick animals as sacrifices and worshiping idols.

This concludes the Books of the old Testament.  I hope that this has given you a good idea of what each book is about, and I pray that this would help to inspire you to read the Old Testament for yourself.

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