Books of the Old Testament with Summary of Each

In the Word of God there are 2 sections; the New Testament books and the Old Testament books.  The old testament books mainly focus on things like the history of man, the kings and different battles that took place, the law of Moses etc.  The New Testament begins with gospels that tell of the account of Jesus Christ, and deals a lot with the new covenant we have with God, and teaches us how to live Godly lives.  I would like to go through the Books of the Old Testament in order with you today and just give you a bit of a summary about what each Book of the old testament is about.


The first book of the old testament is mainly about the creation of the entire heavens and earth.  It also goes through the story of Adam and Eve and how they were created and then disobeyed God thus allowing sin to enter the world.  Due to the amount of wickedness on the earth God decides to flood the earth killing all people except for Noah and his family who were considered righteous in the Lord’s eyes.  After the great flood a man named Abram is chosen as the Father of the Israelite nation.  Abram has a son named Jacob.  Jacob has a son Named Joseph who is sold to Egypt as a slave.


The Israelites are in Egypt and because of Joseph’s faith and obedience to God they prosper, so much in fact that when Joseph dies the new Pharaoh of Egypt sees the Israelite people as a threat and makes them his slaves.   God remembers and is faithful to his covenant with Abraham, Issac and Jacob and therefore brings forth Moses to deliver the Israelite nation out of Egypt.  Once their freedom is granted after a string of terrible plagues that hit Egypt the people are lead through the desert for 40 years.  Moses is given the 10 commandments.


This old testament book focuses a lot on the laws and lifestyles that the Israelites should live by.  We see descriptions of ceremonial laws, offerings to God, dietary restrictions, purification rites, special days that are to be set aside such as: Sabbath, Passover etc.  Aaron and his family are (Moses’ Brother) ordained as Israel’s priesthood.


The book of Numbers begins with a census that lists all of the generations and families of the Israel nation.  We see the account of the journey that the Israelites took totaling around 200 miles to the promised land, one that would end up taking 40 years to complete.  The Israelites journey takes much longer than necessary because of their complaining and their mistrust in God,  God tells the Israelites that they will die in the wilderness and that the Promised Land will be left for a more obedient generation of Israelites.


This book recounts the last words that Moses has with the new generation of Israelites that will enter the Promised Land under Joshua.  Moses was banned from entering the Promised Land for breaking the 10 commandments and therefore can only see it from Mount Nebo.  This is where Moses dies.


Under the lead of Joshua the Israelites enter the land of Canaan(promised land) where some of their spies are helped by a prostitute named Rahab, thus receiving protection for her and her family from death.  Joshua and the Israelites march around the walls of Jericho and the Lord causes the walls to crash down.  Joshua leads an army to wipe out all of the false god worshiping people.


This book of the old testament tells us that after Joshua dies, the Israelites lose the ambition to continue driving the idol worshiping nations from the land, and because of this fall prey to their rituals and their idols.  The book of Judges takes us through the many cycles of sin, punishment and salvation of the Israelite people.


Ruth is a gentile woman who marries a Jewish man.  Her husband dies and Ruth continues to show loyalty to Naomi(mother-in-law).  Working in the fields to support them, the field owner (Boaz) takes a liking to her and ends up marrying her.

1 Samuel

Samuel is born to a woman named Hannah, he is sent to the temple to serve under Eli.  When Eli dies Samuel becomes a judge and subdues the Philistines, a nation feared by the Israelites.  As Samuel ages, the leaders of the nation reject the sons of Samuel because they are sinful, a king is appointed who’s name is Saul.  Saul disobeys God by offering a sacrifice that is only to be offered by priests and his kingship is taken from Him and passed on to David, who killed Goliath.

2 Samuel

David is king and one day he stays home from a battle, he commits adultery with Bathsheba, and then has her husband killed.  David is found out and while God does forgive him the consequences still remain.  David’s son dies, and his family begins to break apart.  After much fighting among the family of David, David regains his kingship and has another son with Bathsheba.  His name is Solomon.

1 Kings

Solomon becomes king after David’s death and is given great wisdom by God, who came to him in a dream offering Solomon anything he wanted.  Solomon however goes against his wisdom and marries 700 wives most of them foreigners who are idol worshipers.  Solomon falls into idol worship.  When Solomon dies his son Rehoboam causes a split in the tribes and 10 go with Jeroboam, one of Solomons former officials.  The other two nations continue under Solomon’s line named Judah.

2 Kings

We see many accounts of poor leadership in both Jewish tribes.  These leaders cause the the ultimate downfall for both tribes, who are swept away by Assyria and Babylon.

1 Chronicles

This book of the old testament takes us through the details of King Davids’ reign as King.

2 Chronicles

A  recount of the reign of David’s son Solomon.  It provides us with the history and analyzes the details of His reign as King.


Persia has become the new world power and King Cyrus allows a group of exiles to return to Judah so that they can rebuild the temple.  Approximately just over 40,000 return and resettle into the land.  Ezra is part of a smaller group that returns, and He begins teaching the law of Moses to the people as they had fallen away and were no longer living under the law that God had instructed.

Books of the Old Testament with Summary of Each – Part 2

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