Break Out – Joel Osteen – Reviewed

Joel Osteen Break Out


Break Out is the Joel Osteen’s latest book to be released and hit bookshelves all across the globe. Break Out follows the same type of positive thinking and mind renewing style that Joel’s other books do but brings in some great new information, tips and ideas that will not only leave you greatly encouraged but will change your life and leave you on course for a new, fulfilling life filled with God’s favor, happiness and success.  Break Out focuses on teaching you to set and reach for higher goals. To go beyond what is normal for you and Joel urges you to “believe bigger, increase your productivity, improve your relationships, and accomplish your dreams”.

Right from the first chapter you see that Joel uses a story from his past to give you an example of God’s favor over your life, and the “shifts” that can happen to you.  Joel explains that many times throughout your life you will feel like you’re last, or you will feel behind; like you’re not going anywhere or making any progress.  Out of nowhere things will take a 180 and you will be a recipient of God’s favor and a life “shift” will happen that will create positive change in your life.

Joel goes on to introduce that the key to getting into God’s favor, and changing your life for the better is all on your mindset.  Your mind and the way you think will determine the outcome of what happens to you in your life.  In Break Out Joel Osteen makes many references to stories out of the Bible, which is used to set the foundations for the truth of where he is getting his information on showing you how to live an extraordinarily successful and fulfilling life.

This is a great book that we would recommend to anybody looking to quit living a life of  “just getting by” or “settling for the bottom of the barrel”.  The Truth that is revealed through Joel Osteen’s book – Break Out is that anybody can live a blessed, happy and fulfilled life if they can just change the way they think and the way they confess things with their mouths.


Break Out – Quotes

You may have struggled in an area, your health, your finances, with a relationship, for a long time and you keep wondering, “Will this ever change?” God is saying, “Yes. A shift is coming. I will shift you out of sickness into health. I will shift you out of lack into abundance. I will shift you out of struggle into ease. I’m about to cross My hands and give you what you do not deserve

“When you honor God, when you’re good to people, kind, compassionate, and merciful, the blessings will come looking for you.”

“You will see the surpassing greatness of God’s favor. It will take you beyond your normal boundaries”

“When God breathed His life into you, He put something in you to give you an advantage. There is something about you that makes you stand out, something that draws opportunity, something that causes you to overcome obstacles, accomplish dreams.”


Break Out – Joel Osteen – Preview Video

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