Christian Mingle Christian Dating – Pros and Cons


Christian Mingle is one of the top online Christian dating sites that is available to single Christians looking to find their future spouse.

While online dating sites like Christian Mingle is not for everybody, there is nothing biblical or morally wrong with Christians using online dating sites to find their potential future spouses. In fact it has become the new “norm” for the generations of today.

I feel it is very important to do a lot of research about which online dating site you choose, not only to protect yourself but to ensure that the online dating site is right for you and that you have the best overall experience.

Christian Mingle Pros and Cons


  • Christian Mingle has a very large member base with hundreds of thousands of Christian singles.
  • Statement of Faith listed on the website is Biblically based and accurate.
  • Website is clean, does not allow for homosexual profiles, and does not use sex to sell their service.
  • Part of a large Christian network of sites that are all Christian based and work to spread the Christian faith.
  • Sign up is completely free as well as browsing through a list of singles.
  • Offers Christian Singles in your own area.
  • Gives its members an entire page outlining how to keep you safe while using their site.


  • No background checks on its members, which means that there could be some shady people on the site.
  • As with any online dating website the member profiles on Christian Mingle may not accurate for both descriptions as well as photos.
  • While Christian Mingle has been designed for Christian singles, there is no way to ensure that the members are all Christians, and to distinguish whether they are true Christians following Christ or simply give themselves the title of “Christian”
  • While sign up and browsing is free, this is a service that is offered and if you find somebody or some members of interest you will have to pay a small fee in order to begin talking to and getting to know them.


Overall Christian Mingle is a clean Christian based dating website, and is very successful at helping Christian Singles find other Christian singles that they can talk to and get to know.  They offer you all of the tools that you will need to get to know your members of interest and to discover whether they are worth pursuing.  If you are looking for a good way to meet Christian singles and would like to try your hand at online dating  I would recommend starting off with Christian Mingle.


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