Drop the Religion – The Truth about Christianity

The Definition of “Religion” according to Websters Dictionary is:

an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods


Religion in and of itself is not a problem however today it tends to be a pretty controversial word, one that over time has garnered a pretty bad stigma.  The problem is that people have done many horrific ungodly things in the name of religion, and have used the idea and basis of religion in order to accomplish their own selfish agendas.  It is for this reason that religion has become a sore spot for many people today.

Christianity and it’s beliefs, values and morals are regarded by many today as harsh and has been attributed to religious radicalism, therefore being given a poor representation of what true Christianity really is.  Many have claimed to be “Christians” however their actions and morals have gone in the complete opposite direction.  It troubles me greatly to see that Satan has used these types of people to create such a false and negative outlook on Christianity, when in reality Christianity is what the world needs.


What is True Christianity?

I am personally opposed to “religion”, I do not believe I am religious nor do I believe religion can save you or make you a better person.  Despite what many in the world today think, true Christianity is not about religion at all, rather true Christianity is all about the belief in the one and only God and having a personal relationship with Him.

You see as human beings we thrive on relationships, everyone that is living on this earth deep inside has a desire to be accepted, to be loved and for relationships with others.  We have a desire to find people like us so that we can develop friendships and stronger relationships, this is what makes Facebook, MySpace, and other social media sites so popular.  The reason for this relational desire is that God has created us in His own image, so we have been created with an internal desire to be like God.  Therefore, just as we desire relationships so too does our Creator.  He desires and longs to have a relationship with His creation, and for those relationships to grow stronger.

Genesis 1:27So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Romans 4:13Clearly, God’s promise to give the whole earth to Abraham and his descendants was based not on his obedience to God’s law, but on a right relationship with God that comes by faith.


Why Choose True Christianity?

There are many reasons that choosing true Christianity will undoubtedly bring positive changes, and will literally change your life as you know it.  I would like to go through 3 main reasons why true Christianity far outweighs the rest of the options available to you today.

1. True Christianity Follows the Unadulterated Word of God

In order to help lead and guide us in our lives here on earth, God wrote the Bible (Word of God).  In it He instructs His people on how they should live and treat others.  True Christianity does not alter the Bible, it does not take away or add to it.  It is not changed in any way to fit any selfish agendas or to make personal gains.  The Bible is perfect and everything in it is truth.  Some may argue that the Bible is fiction because it was written by different people who were not perfect.  This however is simply not so,  just remember that God is perfect, He cannot change because of this perfection, and if God was a liar He would not be perfect, and so If God says everything in the Bible was inspired by Him and is truth then it is.

2. True Christianity Produces Happiness and Fulfillment

Since we have been created by God, we have been given an internal desire to have a relationship with Him.  Many who have walked away from Christianity and who choose the world instead of God, have this sense of emptiness deep within them.  They try to fill this void like feeling with worldly pleasures in pursuit of filling this void.  This works for awhile, however the happiness, fulfillment and peace that come from filling this void quickly wears away.  This is the reason why people sleep around, drink heavily, do drugs, spend money they don’t have, gather worldly “things” that don’t mean anything.  All of this in an attempt to fill the void that can only be filled by having a relationship with your Creator.

3. True Christianity Gives you Hope for the Future

In the world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that things are quickly degrading, and the future of many countries is very unclear.  Many who have made the decision to reject God now live in fear as to what the future will bring.  True Christianity however, gives us the answers for what is coming, and why the world is becoming as bad and evil as it is.  We know that God will one day return and will bring all those who have been faithful to Him to Heaven forever, while those who have rejected Him will be thrown into Hell.  True Christianity gives us the hope and peace that because we are choosing to follow God and have a personal relationship with Him that no matter what happens here on earth that we will be taken care of and protected by our God.

True Christianity is not a religion, it is not a man made set of customs and rules, no it is more than that, it is a relationship built through faith with God, the One who has created you. I urge you today to make the decision to turn to your Creator, invite Him into your life and start building that relationship with Him.  I assure you with everything in me that it will be by far the best decision you will ever make.




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