Happy Resurrection Day! A Message of Salvation

For Christians all around the world Easter is a big deal, an event that we celebrate because of the incredible meaning and power that this event signifies to all who believe and put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Today is when we recognize that God himself in the flesh (Jesus Christ) was killed on Friday and went down to hell and conquered death, raising himself from the dead on the third day thus giving us new life through Jesus Christ.  Today we celebrate that through Jesus Christ we have salvation and are no longer separated from God because of our sins.

We are no longer doomed to death,  a slave to the sin that rules the world today, but we are free in Him, we have the ability through Jesus Christ to  be free from our sinful life, free from the bondage of sin, free from a cursed life full of death and despair.

We can now through Jesus Christ live a fulfilled life, full of joy and happiness.  Full of prosperity and blessing.  We have through Jesus Christ, received all of the power we need to be able to overcome anything and everything that comes against us in our lives.

Today I would like to share a video with you that I thought was very powerful and helped to remind me of just how real this event was, and why despite all of the secular theories that try to tear this event apart, that Jesus was and still is our Savior.  He died and rose again and is ALIVE! and we can be free from death and the grip of sin because of it.




Happy Resurrection Day to you, I hope you have a blessed day and that you remember just how important this day is to our lives and our eternity.



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