Keep Christ in Christmas – He is the Reason for the Season

The whole reason we celebrate the Christmas season is to remember that Christ was born, and through His birth and His obedience to God the father, we are now free from the grasp of sin, and we have been made righteous before God because of the selfless act Jesus Christ did on that cross.

Today, with all of the commercialization, and focus on worldly possessions and presents and in the name of being politically correct, the meaning of Christmas has been greatly watered down, and to many it is just another holiday where they can indulge in great food, receive gifts and party without even stopping to remember the reason why we celebrate.

I mean really, it’s like celebrating your birthday, only the people celebrating don’t even acknowledge you, and are more focused on what they are getting out of your birthday celebrations than they are of honoring the true reason why they are celebrating the occasion. We need to get back to keeping Christ as the focal point of Christmas, and instead of worrying so much about worldly things and selfishness, use this time to honor him and to do like him and bless others.

Here is a small video that illustrates this point.


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