Prayers for Healing – A Powerful Prayer for those Who need Healing

Jesus Christ healed many people in the Bible, and when He left the earth to go sit at the right hand of His Father, He gave to us the power that He had been given by His Father to heal people and do other miraculous signs.  This means that we can Heal people in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 53:5 “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed”

Here is a powerful prayer to heal the sick and hurting:

Prayer for Healing – Bring Healing to the Sick

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you today for your goodness, love and mercy, today I lift up (PERSONS NAME) to you and ask that you would heal and restore their body to the way it was originally designed by you.  It says in your Word that by your stripes we are healed. and that we must only ask in faith and it will be given to us.  Today I ask in the Name of Jesus that all diseases, sickness, and pain leave the body of (PERSONS NAME), and I claim healing over their body according to the promises in your Word.  I thank you for touching (Persons Name)’s body and restoring complete health throughout their entire body.  I praise your Name and give all glory to God the Father.  In the precious name of Jesus I pray and thank you for this healing.


Does this prayer for Healing actually work?

I will guarantee that this prayer if prayed in faith will bring healing to anybody it is prayed over.  However I would like to make clear that simply praying pre-written prayers without fully understanding what prayer is and how it works, will most often not give the results that the person praying them is expecting.  You see the prayer above if certain conditions are nothing really more than fancy words.  In order to give power to these words you need to have 2 key things.

1. Prayer for Healing Key – Faith

Above all you must have faith in what you are praying for.  If you are praying this prayer not fully believing that God can and will heal the person, and if the person themselves do not fully believe the same thing then the power of this prayer will not come into fruition.  The Word of God is very clear that without faith we have nothing and we can do nothing.  It is similar to the fact that in order to be saved from your sins, you must believe and have faith in Jesus Christ, and what He did for you on the cross of Calvary.

2. Prayer for Healing Key – Child of God

If you don’t believe in God or have a personal relationship with Him, this means that you belong to the world and not to the family of Jesus Christ.  The promises of healing and miraculous signs are for those who have entered into the family of Christ, by making Him their Lord and Savior.  This may seem a bit weird or unfair, but you have to understand that you cannot serve two masters, either you embrace the world and its sinful desires, or you turn away from the world, embrace Jesus Christ and live a righteous life that comes with many blessings and rich promises that you can stand on.

I fully believe and have full faith that as long as these 2 key factors are present when the above prayer for healing is prayed over somebody that they will be healed.  Keep in mind that healing may not be instant, and it may require continual faith, and confessing of healing for some time, but rest assured that God says  “whatsoever you ask you shall receive”, and that is a promise that you can always stand firm on.



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