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The Bible is more than just a book, it is the living Word of God; the creator of everything in existence today. It is so important that Christians spend daily time in the Word and in prayer and meditation with our heavenly Father. With the internet and electronics these days becoming more and more advanced we are able now able to access the Bible in many different translations online or on our phones. This is a great help as you can read and study the Bible while on the road or during some free time without having to worry about carrying around a physical Bible. Today I want to go through some of the free Bible download options that are available for you today.

YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion is an incredible app that can be downloaded on virtually every phone, tablet or computer out there today.  It is a free Bible download offered as an outreach program by

You Version features dozens of different bible versions as well as many different languages that you can choose from.  On top of the Bible aspect of the app YouVersion also has daily scripture verses, reading plans,  live groups/discussions, notes, bookmarks and many more features that give you practically everything you need to study, learn and memorize the Word of God.

I highly recommend this app to anybody looking for a free bible download for their computer, table or phone.  It is a very well done app that has a ton of features and best of all gives you access no matter where you are to the Word of God.  To download and start using YouVersion on your computer today simply click the button below, to get it on your phone, go to the app store specific to your phone and type in “youversion”

BibleGateway Bible App

Bible Gateway is on online Bible that you can use to browse, search and read the Bible right from your internet browser window.  They have however come out with a free Bible download for iphones, ipads, Android phones and the Kindle Fire.

The BibleGateway app is crammed with a ton of great features including reading plans, the option to listen to the bible instead of reading it, history of searches, a sharing option to send scripture to your friends, and a notes section for you to write down anything that the Lord reveals to you or that is impacting to you while reading the Word of God.

Similar to the YouVersion Bible app the BibleGateway app features many different translations in many different languages to suit the needs of everybody who uses this app.

For more information on this free bible download you can visit the link below or if you would like to get a hold of the BibleGateway app on your phone or ipad today then just head on over to the app store specific to your mobile or ipad device and then start the free download there. Bible App

Experience the Word of God Like Never Before. app is a Bible app that is put on by the Faith by Hearing ministry.  It is a media rich Bible app that comes in over 700 languages thus making it available for over 3/4 of the worlds population.

The one thing I really like about this app is that it also comes with a Bible app for the deaf and features an American Sign Language version of the Bible.  Like many of the other Bible apps the app comes with the option for reading, and listening to the Bible as well as video option that act out Biblical scripture.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this free Bible download then you can head on over to your app store specific to your device and download it free of charge from there.  If you want a bit more information about this app then you can follow the link below to the website.

I trust that one of these free Bible downloads will be a blessing to you and will help you to read and spend daily time in the Word no matter where you are.



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