What is the Holy Spirit? – Life Changing Intro to the Holy Spirit

One of the most misunderstood parts of the trinity is the Holy Spirit. There are many out there who just don’t understand who or what He is and often end up wondering in their minds – What is the Holy Spirit?

The truth of the matter is that for decades the Holy Spirit has been seen as his manifestations rather than an actual person of the GodHead. The Holy Spirit is such an important part of Christianity, for without Him Christianity would be just another boring, powerless religion.

The Holy Spirit is so much more than what we have been taught in Sunday School and even in many churches across the world. John Bevere a well known speaker and bestselling author recently wrote a book called “The Holy Spirit”. It is an absolutely phenomenal book that I would recommend to every Christian and anybody who has asked or wondered about the question – What is the Holy Spirit?

Today I want to play this John Bevere video where He speaks on the basic premise of his book and gives an incredibly detailed introduction to the Holy Spirit.

I guarantee you that you will not go away from watching this video empty handed. What you learn in this video will literally change your life forever. I know it changed mine, and gave me a true understanding to the Holy Spirit and how to build a relationship with Him.

John Bevere – Introduction to the Holy Spirit


858350: The Holy Spirit: An Introduction The Holy Spirit: An IntroductionBy John Bevere with Addison Bevere

The Holy Spirit is often the least understood—and most ignored—person of the Trinity. Who is he? What is his mission? And how is he involved in your life? Bevere’s interactive study reveals the personality of the Spirit, his language, three levels of relationship with him, and more. Includes daily devotions and discussion questions. 232 pages, softcover from Messenger International.

Learning more about the Holy Spirit will enrich your life beyond what you could ever imagine. It’s time that we begin really and truly understanding who the Holy Spirit it, and how through Him we can work together to more effectively carry out our mission as Christians by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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