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The True Power of Prayer – Activating Change in Your Life

Prayer is so much more than just talking to God. In fact prayer is incredibly more powerful that many even realize. Take a look at the true power of prayer in your life. [...]

What the Bible says about Perseverance – 12 Bible Verses about Persevering

Perseverance is a key quality that every Christian needs to have in order to live out their Christian walk to the fullest potential. Let's take a look at 12 great Bible verses about Perseverance that will encourage you to keep going and not give up. [...]

Start your Day with these 16 Encouraging Bible Verses

Mornings can be tough and our days may not always be the best, but starting your day out on the right foot will help to ensure that even on bad days you still see the positive. Start your day out on the right foot with these 16 Encouraging Bible verses. [...]

Does Jesus Truly Know You? – Matthew 7:23

On the day of His return will Jesus say He knows you? Many Christians on that day will be shocked and disappointed to learn the truth of this question. Learn about what Matthew 7:23 is really talking about here. [...]

7 Keys to Defeating any Problem or Situation Raging War in your Life

Feel overwhelmed and discouraged by problems or situations in your life? 7 Key things you need to Know in order to defeat and get through these problems and situation you are facing. [...]

5 Ways to Spend Time with God During Your Busy Day

Spending time with God for many Christians seems impossible as our busy schedules often overtake all of our available time. Spending time with God however is crucial to our spiritual walk, faith and relationship with our Creator. Here are 5 ways to spend time with God during your busy day. [...]

7 Effective Ways to Protect your Children from Online Dangers

While the internet is a great tool and resource it has many dangers that exist within it. It is our responsibility as parents to protect our kids from these online dangers. Here are 7 effective ways you can protect your child from getting into trouble online. [...]

7 Great Ways to Improve your Marriage

Marriage is an incredible blessing, one that requires a lot of work, dedications and compromise in order to make it as good as the Lord intended it to be. If you are looking to improve your marriage here are 7 great ways that you can begin improving your marriage today. [...]

4 Steps to Dealing with Those Who Hurt You

Are you going through a situation where somebody is or has hurt you? The Bible tells us the guidelines to use when dealing with those who are hurting you. Here are 4 steps that you need to take to get justice and victory over your situation. [...]