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5 Life Changing Reasons to Read Your Bible Daily

Many people don't truly understand how important reading the Bible on a daily basis is. In fact the lives of many Christians are spiritually crippled because of a lack of reading God's Word. Here are 5 Life Changing Reasons why You need to read the Bible Daily [...]

10 Ways to Strengthen your Christian Walk in 2016

The new year marks the start of a fresh beginning. Start the year out by learning how you can strengthen your Christian walk and start living the Fulfilled life that God created your for. Here are 10 Ways that you can strengthen your Christian walk and improve your life in 2016 [...]

6 Powerful Biblical Promises for Hard Times

We are all faced with different trials and hard times in our lives. These can be minor set backs or can be incredibly painful and overwhelming times. However God has given us promises that we can stand on and we can have faith in to bring us out of our troubles and into victory. Here are 6 Biblical Promises that we can stand on during hard times. [...]

Tithing in the Bible – Tithe Definition

Tithes in the Bible, what is tithing and why is it so important in our lives?. Why do Christians have to give 10% of their income. Learn about tithing and why it should be a part of your life. [...]

A Christmas Reflection – Let us Remember

The Christmas season is full of festivities and traditions, and really is a time of joy and family. Christmas however is so much more and we can quickly forget the true meaning behind it. Let us reflect on the true reason for the season. [...]

Why does God Allow Suffering? Truth from the Bible

Why does God allow Suffering? This is a question asked by many as we see the immense amount of evil happening all over the world to good and innocent people. Learn why God allows suffering. [...]

8 Christian Quote Posters to Encourage and Challenge You.

8 Encouraging and Challenging Christian quote posters to encourage and challenge you in your faith and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. [...]

Enoch in the Bible – What the Bible Tells Us

Enoch in the Bible, was a faithful servant of God. Find out all about Enoch and what the Bible has to say about him and what He did. [...]

September 2015 End Times – What Christians Need to Know

There has been a lot of talk about the end times and terrible things predicted for September 2015. Fear is gripping the world, but here is what Christians really need to know about these things. [...]

I Know the Plans I Have for You – Bible Verse

I know the plans I have for you Bible verse is found in old testament book of Jeremiah and it is an encouraging verse that we can hold onto today. Take a look at the full verse here. [...]