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5 Encouraging Bible Verse Posters to Brighten your Day

5 Encouraging Bible Verse posters that will encourage and brighten your day today. [...]

What Does the Bible Say about Forgiveness – Is Forgiveness Necessary?

What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Learn all about what the bible has to say about forgiveness and why it is important that you learn to forgive others freely in your own life. [...]

5 Internet Dangers And How to Protect Your Kids From Them

The internet is a real part of not only our lives but our kids lives as well. While the internet is a very helpful and useful tool, it is also plastered with inappropriate content and full of dangers that we need to protect our kids from. Here are 5 tips that will help you to better protect and guard your kids from these online dangers. [...]

5 Reasons You and Your Kids Need an Internet Filter Today

The internet is an incredible tool that offers many great things, however with the good comes a whole slew of dangerous and harmful things as well. It is absolutely imperative that every Christian home has an internet filter and accountability software installed to protect them from these dangers and harmful content. [...]

The Great Pre-Trib/Post-Trib Debate What You Need to Know

The rapture is a time where God comes back for His church and whisks them up to heaven to be with the Father. There is a debate of when this will occur and has caused much confusion and conflict within the church. Here is what you really need to know about the rapture and what is important. [...]

5 Great Christmas Songs To Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas songs remind us about why we celebrate Christmas, and why there is so much significance in the occasion. As the world continues to push farther away from the Truth we see the Christmas Spirit beginning to dwindle. Here are 5 Great Christmas songs that speak about the true message of Christmas. [...]

Keep Christ in Christmas – He is the Reason for the Season

Christmas is a time to reflect on Christ, who is the reason for the season. It is a time where we remember that His birth marked the beginning of the plan for salvation. Sadly with the selfishness and greed in the world today Christmas has been watered down, and many don't ever acknowledge Christ anymore. Here is a video to illustrate this point. [...]

5 Tips to Keeping your Kids Safe Online

Every year 8 million kids go missing, and 300 million kids are sexually victimized online. It is time that we as parents take control of what our kids are doing online, and stop allowing these online dangers to victimize our kids. Here are 5 tips that will help you to keep your kids safe online. [...]

How to Overcome Porn Addiction – 3 Steps to Freedom

Porn Addiction is a very real and dangerous problem among millions of men and women today. It is literally destroying marriages, jobs, and lives and yet nobody wants to talk about it. Today you can make a change, you will learn 3 Powerful Steps to overcoming a porn addiction. Gain your freedom back. [...]

15 Things You Must Do When Preaching A Sermon

Called to be a preacher? Preaching the Word of God takes more than just knowing the Word it takes skill and finesse to get your points across in a way that keeps the audience attentive and helps them to understand and ponder your points. Here are 15 things to remember when preaching a sermon. [...]