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30 Reasons to be Happy and Thankful Today!

Having a terrible day? In a bad mood? The Bible tells us that no matter what we are going through that we are to give thanks. There is always something to give thanks for and here is a list of 30 reasons why you should be giving thanks to God, despite your current circumstances. [...]

Book of Revelation – In Depth Explanation

Revelation is one of the least understood books of the entire Bible. With it's vivid imagery of creatures, items and events it can be a bit confusing. Today we are going to take an in-depth look into the Book of Revelation and you will learn everything you should about this encouraging book. [...]

Rapture in the Bible – Where is it Found?

The rapture in the Bible is an event in which the church of Christ will be taken out of the earth before the great day of Tribulation where God pours out His wrath on the people of the earth. Take a look at where it is found here. [...]

25 Uplifting and Encouraging Max Lucado Quotes

Max Lucado is a preacher at Oak Hills church and is a bestselling author who has many encouraging and uplifting resources. These resources contain many Max Lucado quotes that not only encourage but help to strengthen our faith and understanding in the Word of God. Here are 25 uplifting and encouraging Max Lucado quotes that will bless you today. [...]

20 Encouraging Joel Osteen Quotes on Faith

Joel Osteen is a man of great faith, and has based His entire ministry on teaching others about the goodness of God and how they can have joy, and peace by speaking positively over their lives, and by having faith in the promises that God gives us in His Word. Here are 20 Encouraging Joel Osteen Quotes on Faith. [...]

3 Simple Tips to a Happier, more Fulfilled Life

Living a happier and more fulfilled life can be had by anybody. All that you have to do is be willing to learn what it takes to be happy and to gain fulfillment. Today we look at 3 key things that will cause you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. [...]

20 John Bevere Quotes that will Encourage and Uplift you

John Bevere is a powerful Spirit filled speaker and bestselling author. He goes around the world sharing the Word of God with others. Here are 20 powerful and encouraging quotes from John Bevere that will bring great blessing to you today. [...]

What is the Holy Spirit? – Life Changing Intro to the Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? What is his purpose? Have you ever found yourself asking yourself these questions? You're not alone, and the answer to these questions will literally change your life forever. Come find out who and what the Holy Spirit is and what His purpose is. [...]

25 Powerful Joyce Meyer Quotes that Will Bless and Encourage You

Joyce Meyer is an incredibly encouraging speaker and author who speaks on renewing your mind and living a fulfilled life. Here are 25 powerful quotes from Joyce Meyer that will bless and encourage you today. [...]

God Help Me – Receiving God’s Help During Hard Times

There are times when troubles or situations become more than we can bear and we cry out "God Help Me". The truth is that God want's to help you today, Let's take a look at how to receive His help today. [...]