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Prayers for Healing – A Powerful Prayer for those Who need Healing

Do you need Healing? Do you know somebody who needs healing? Here is a powerful and effective prayer for healing anybody who is physically or emotionally sick. Let the Lord Jesus Christ bring healing today! [...]

3 Ways to Make your Life more Enjoyable and Fulfilling

Everybody today is looking for happiness, is looking for a way to enjoy life to the fullest before they die. Unfortunately for most this is very hard to do because their lives are so hectic and responsibilities. Here are 3 ways to make your life more fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. [...]

A Change of Perspective – Where your Main Focus should Be

What is your main focus in life? Kids, Career, money, sports? Are you finding it hard to be successful in those areas of focus? Learn how you can become successful in any and every area of your life. [...]

5 Logical Reasons Homosexuality is Not of God

Homosexuality is becoming a widely accepted lifestyle in both our world and in an increasing number of churches today. Many believe that homosexuality is acceptable to God and that there is nothing wrong with living that lifestyle because after all it's due to a gene your born with. Well here are 5 Logical, Biblically based reason why homosexuality is not of God, and not accepted by God. [...]

A Response to ATLAH Missionary Church on Stoning Homosexuals

ATLAH church posted that Jesus Christ would stone homosexuals. Based on the Bible this is simply not true and I will prove it to you with this response for ATLAH church and their congregants. Learn the truth about what Jesus would do and what He has called us as His followers to do. [...]

5 Powerful Christian Songs that will Bless You Today

5 powerful Christian songs that will uplift and bless you today. Take a look at these great Christian Songs [...]

Have you Been Cut Off from God’s Rich Blessings?

If you are going through financial difficulty, and no matter what you do you just can't seem to get ahead, it could be because you have cut yourself off from being blessed by God and you don't even know it. [...]

Books of the Old Testament with Summary – Continued

A continuation of the Books of the Old Testament, in order. This is the second part of the Books each book of the old testament is listed in order, and has a description of what each book was about. [...]

Books of the Old Testament with Summary of Each

A look at all of the Books of the Old Testament, with a description of what each book is about. Learn more about the Word of God and the Old Testament. [...]

15 Encouraging Inspirational Christian Posters

15 Encouraging Christian Posters and Pictures that will help to encourage and inspire you today. I pray that you enjoy these and are blessed richly as you take to heart the message of each of these posters. [...]