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Does God Really Love Me?

There are times where we go through things in life that leave us battered and bruised, some of them leaving us feeling so hopeless and alone. There are points during these times of extreme adversity or trials that we can begin to question whether or not God really loves us [...]

Fruits of the Spirit – What is it all About?

The Bible speaks on the Fruits of the Spirit, but what are they and why are they important. Learn all about he fruit of the spirit right from the Word of God [...]

The Grace Deception – The Truth about God’s Grace

It is by God's Grace that we are saved from our sins, however there is a deception creeping into the minds and hearts of many about God's grace that has worked to lead many astray. Today we take a look at this deception about God's grace, and how easily it can affect your life. [...]

Heaven or Hell Which One is Your Final Destination?

If you were to die today would you go to Heaven or Hell? Would you like to know for sure? Learn all about how to be sure of where you will go when your time on this earth has come to an end. [...]

5 Tips for A Great Christian Marriage

Marriage is a true blessing from God, however marriage takes a lot of work and dedication in order to be successful. Start turning your unhappy marriage around and start living the married life that God intended you to live with these 5 tips for a better Christian marriage. [...]

Bible Reading Plan – 10 Reading Plans To Begin 2014

Bible reading plans are a great way to get you immersed into the Word of God. There are a ton of great bible reading plans out there online that you can have free access to. Build your faith and get started on the right foot for 2014 with these 10 top free reading plans. [...]

Unlock your Blessed Life in Jesus Christ

Tired of living a life that seems to go nowhere, a life full of negativity that leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled? The truth is that you can have a happy, fulfilled and blessed life in Jesus Christ. Learn 3 very important keys to unlocking your blessed life in Jesus Christ now. [...]

Break Out – Joel Osteen – Reviewed

Joel Osteen's new book "Break Out" is an incredibly powerful and uplifting resource that shows you how to "break out" of your average unfulfilled life and transition into a life full of blessings, happiness, success and fulfillment. Take a look at our review here. [...]

25 Powerful Joel Osteen Quotes to Encourage You

Joel Osteen preaches on the goodness of God, and positive thinking. He is an encouragement to all who hear what he has to say. Here are 25 Joel Osteen Quotes that will greatly encourage and uplift you, so that you can begin living the blessed, fulfilling life God has created for you. [...]

A Christmas Reflection – The True Reason for Christmas

Christmas is a busy and event filled season full of festivities and family gatherings. Christmas however, just doesn't seem like Christmas should. There is something big missing and most of us don't even realize or care about it. [...]