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5 Reasons to Give Tithes and Offerings

Giving tithes and offerings can be a bit stressful and can really take a lot of faith depending on our financial situations, however if people knew the true power behind giving tithes and offerings, we would all be giving with a cheerful heart. Here are 5 powerful reasons to give tithes and offerings [...]

5 Reasons Looking at Porn Will Destroy your Life

The porn industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry that uses lust to build its empire despite the dangers for its consumers. What you may not realize is that porn can completely destroy your life as you know it. Here are 5 reason why looking at porn can ruin your life forever. [...]

10 Famous Bible Stories

The Bible is filled with stories and history dating back to the beginning of time. These stories often tell of battles, kings, important people and much more. Bible stories are often used to help us understand what happened long ago and also helps to teach us lessons through the actions and or events of the story being told. Here are 10 of the most popular [...]

Does God want to Heal You?

Are you sick?, are you dealing with a disease that is crippling your life? Does God really want to heal you? or is it just meant to Be? Learn about what God's Word says about His healing. [...]

What is Christianity? A Detailed Look

The world today is inundated with a plethora of religions, containing all kinds of different beliefs, rules, traditions and requirements. Many today look at Christianity as just another religion or religious title however it is much more than that. Today we're going to take a look at the question "What is Christianity?" and why it is so much more than just another religion. [...]

What is the Bible? How do we Know what it Says is True?

To many in today's world the Bible is nothing more than a "history book" filled with half true facts and information, to others the Bible is a fictitious book thrown together and updated throughout the years to give formation to Christian religiosity. The question is What is the Bible really? And how do we know if it is factual or just a bunch of fictitious stories and information? [...]

Who is God? – The real Truth

Who is God? This question is on the minds of millions of people all over the world. Find out why this is and learn about who God really is in this in depth look at who God really is. [...]