Your Past has Gone Too Far!

There are so many people today who's pasts have gone too far. One of the biggest things that will keep you from living the fulfilled, peaceful life God has for you is holding onto your past. If you want to get rid of your past once and for all there is hope through Jesus Christ. [...]

When We Depend on our Resources Instead of our Source

What is the source of your faith? Are you depending on your resources instead of your source? Let's take a look at where our true faith lies. [...]

Where are Your Treasures?

Materialism is the foundation on which most peoples lives are built. They use materialistic things in order to show their wealth, success and worth. But there is a flaw to this foundation, one that will end up driving us further from God. [...]

Are You a Verbal Polluter?

Are you a Verbal Polluter? Verbal pollution is one of the quickest ways to live a cursed life full of sadness, anger and other negativity. Take a look at what the Bible has to say about verbal Pollution and how stopping will positively change your life forever. [...]

Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Christianity is being attacked stronger than ever in today's society. Influential people from all over the world are preaching words of deceit in order to lead people astray from the truth of Jesus Christ, and the real meaning of Christianity. Don't be deceived by these wolves hiding behind sheep's clothing. [...]

Do not Fear life’s Lemons

Today many live their daily lives being plagued with the emotion of fear and worry and their quality of life is destroyed because of it. Fear grips the world today more tightly than ever, but as Christians we have no need to be fearful about anything. Here is why. [...]

Sinful Motives and Good Deeds

Generosity in and of itself is a great act of kindness shown to others who are in need. As Christians we are called to be generous and to give to the poor and to those in need. However in being generous it is important that we are doing it with the right motive in our hearts. Find out what the Bible says about generosity and the right motives. [...]

Sitting on the Christian Fence

Have you ever been faced with a hard decision in your life. A decision where you knew that you had to pick only one of the choices available to you and that either choice you chose would greatly affect your life? As Christians we have a responsibility to make a decision that will greatly affect our lives. Are you making the right decision? [...]

Reap a Harvest Instead of a Drought

Let me ask you a question? Have you ever noticed or know people that seem to be blessed all of the time? Have you ever wondered what the secret is? The Bible gives us the answer. Take a look at how you can open the door for many blessings in your life. [...]

The Secret to True Riches and Success

Everybody is in some form or another trying to achieve success and riches. Money is what drives this world, it is what determines where you will live, what you will eat and the kind of possessions you will own. So what is the secret to true riches and success? The Bible reveals the secret for us. [...]