Don’t let Negativity Consume your Thoughts

Negativity is one of the most destructive mindsets that Satan can use to destroy your happiness and joy in life. The biggest problem with negativity is that it is very contagious and fast spreading, don't let this destructive mindset and attitude destroy your life, take a look at what the Bible tells us to do. [...]

Achieving Complete Serenity

Are you tired of not having peace? Are you tired of the overwhelming stress in your life? This devotion will teach you how you can have complete peace in your life no matter what the circumstances in your life. [...]

Keep your Eye on the Prize

We live in a world that has a ton of things to offer us, and it seems as though the more we can get our hands on the happier we are. But the truth of the matter is that we need to keep our eyes on the real prize. [...]

Praise God, You are Not Alone

There are many times in our lives that we will go through tests and trials that will seem too much to bare, these trials will seem to bring us right to the brink of total breakdown. But there is hope and there is a way that you can overcome these trials and tests with complete peace. Learn about how God can Help you. [...]

Loving the Unlovable

Loving those who love us is easy but what about loving those who don't love us back? Learn about what God's Word says about how we should deal with these types of people, to change their hearts. [...]

Cast your Worries where they Belong

We live in a world today that is incredibly demanding of our time and energy. If we are not careful to control our stress and anxiety levels it doesn't take long to become so immersed in things that we cannot control around us that we begin to create a harmful degrading atmosphere within our minds. [...]