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God’s Not Dead Movie Reviewed – Don’t Be Misled – Read This First

Don't believe and be misled by all of the hype surrounding God's Not Dead. Before you decide to see this movie, read this honest Christian review of God's Not Dead. [...]

In the Blink of An Eye – Christian Movie Review

David and Larry, two local cops rescue a famous singer from her kidnappers. In an act of gratitude they are invited to her yacht along with their wives down in Mexico. During the vacation David's wife, Larry and his wife suddenly go missing and David must use his skills and experience to figure out what happened to them. [...]

Revelation Road 2 – Movie Review

Josh McManus is desperately trying to get home but must contend with the chaos and violence that ensues after the rapture happens. Josh must decide whether he is going to put his trust in the skills from his past or God. The wrong decision could leave him dead. [...]

Revelation Road – Christian Movie Review

When a salesman ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he becomes an enemy to the most fear biker gang in West Texas. He must now use his skills and knowledge as a past military operative to defeat these foes if he has any chance of getting home to his family. [...]

The Encounter – Christian Movie Review

5 strangers from different walks of life are detoured when the road they are on is closed down due to damage received during a storm. They are forced to go to a nearby diner to wait until the road is re-opened. What they find at the diner will change their lives forever. [...]

The Grace Card – Christian Movie Review

In one second are lives can be changed forever, and can take a lifetime to recover from. The grace card is a story of a family who's son is tragically killed, and the family is sent into a downward spiral. Can they find healing before their family and lives are completely ripped apart for good? [...]

25 Hill – Christian Movie Review

25 Hill Movie Review - Summary: An 11 Year old boy(Trey Caldwell) has dreams about racing in a soap box derby. Trey and his father have embarked on a project to build a soap box racer so that Trey can race. [...]

Christian Movie Reviews – The Secrets of Jonathon Sperry

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is a heartwarming movie with a great message for all ages. Learn more about this movie now with this full Christian movie review. [...]