Left Behind (2014) Set to Release October 3rd

Left Behind 2014 is set to release October 3rd 2014. This movie depicts the Biblical event of the "Rapture" and features a small group of people who are left behind after millions disappear. Now nothing but chaos and disaster faces them at every turn. [...]

Exodus : Gods and Kings Movie (2012)

Exodus: Gods and Kings is set to hit the movie theaters this upcoming December and will recount the story of Moses in the Bible. Read more about this upcoming movie here. [...]

Evolutionist Bill Nye Debates Creationist Ken Ham

Evolutionist Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham debated over who's origins model was correct this past week in Petersburg KY at the creation museum. The full debate can be seen here. [...]

Nasa Telescope Captures “Hand of God”

A new image released by NASA shows an incredible space explosion that resembles a gigantic hand like formation, which has been coined the "Hand of God" Take a look at it here! [...]

Noah (2014) Preview – In Theaters March 28

Noah (2014) is Darren Aronofsky's long awaited movie that will be hitting theaters in March of 2014, take a look at the official trailer right here. [...]

“Bible Secrets Revealed” – New History Channel Premiere

A new tv series is about to hit the History Channel. Bible Secrets Revealed premieres Wednesday and is sure to bring controversy to the surface among many of the conservative Christians. Learn more here. [...]

Creation vs God Documentary hits Youtube

A new controversial documentary on evolution vs God by evangelist Ray Comfort is making quite a stir on YouTube. Take a look at video documentary and see why it has become viral almost over night. [...]

New “Godly” Alternative is born after Boy Scouts adopt gay youth policy.

The boy scouts have recently adopted a new policy to accept homosexual boys, and will allow them to express their lifestyle. This has sparked a new group that is like boy scouts but will be Christian based and promote faith based morales and values. [...]