Bible Verses

Psalm 121 – An Encouraging Word of Protection

Psalm 121 is an uplifting Bible verse describing the protection we have in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. He will never leave or forsake us, and never strays away from us. Take a look at the entire 121st Psalm here. [...]

Psalm 23 – An Encouraging Bible Verse

Psalm 23 is an incredibly encouraging Bible verse about our Lord, and how much he cares for us and protects us each and every day. Take a look at the full 23rd Psalm here. [...]

Do Unto others Bible Verse – Where It’s Found

The do unto others Bible Verse often referred to as the "Golden Rule can be found in the Gospels of the Bible. Let's take a look at the specific books and verses here. [...]

Everything Happens for a Reason Bible Verse

Looking for the "Everything happens for a reason Bible Verse" ? Let's take a look at the Word of God and this very popular and well known expression. [...]

10 Bible Verses for Encouragement During Troubled Times

Are you going through hard times or struggling with decisions or other circumstances in your life? Here are 10 Bible Verses for Encouragement that will help to boost your faith and trust in God and His ability to see you through these troubles. [...]

Psalm 23 King James-Encouraging Bible Verse

Psalm 23 King James Version, Read the entire chapter of Psalm 23 here and see why this scripture delivers such an encouraging message to us. [...]

Bible Verses about Heaven – What the Bible tells Us about Heaven

There are many Bible Verses about heaven in the Word of God. They show us what Heaven is, What it's like, and who will be received into it. Learn about what the Bible has to say about heaven with these 21 powerful Scriptures about Heaven. [...]

20 Thankful Bible Verses – Having An Attitude of Grattitude

Having an attitude of Gratitude and thanksgiving helps to unlock not only God's rich blessing, but His peace and joy over our lives as well. Being thankful in every circumstance shows God that we are looking to Him and His goodness instead of on the negativity of the world and our problem. Here are 20 Thankful Bible Verses to encourage and teach you today. [...]

15 Great Christmas Bible Verses

With Christmas just around the corner, and the hustle and bustle that this time of year brings, it's important to take a moment and reflect on the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. Here are 15 great Christmas Bible verses that will help to encourage and remind you of the meaning of Christmas. [...]

15 Encouraging Bible Verses about Relationships

God had created us to have relationships. In fact God desires that we have a relationship with Him even more so than our spouse, family or friends here on earth. The Bible has many verses that teach us about how we should treat each other as well as the need for a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are 20 Bible verses about Relationship. [...]