Bible Verses

Bible Verses about Children

Children are very precious to God and in His Word there are Bible verses about Children that explain His love for them, His desire for them to come to Him and that God gives them as gifts to us. See what the Bible has to say about children with the following bible verses. [...]

44 Inspirational Bible Verses

It doesn't matter what you're going through or the type of need you have the Bible can help inspire and encourage you. Here are 44 of my favorite inspirational bible verses that I pray will be as much of a blessing and inspiration to you as they are to me. [...]

Bible Verses on Faith

Faith plays an important role in our relationship with Christ. The Bible has many verses talking about faith and how important it is to have faith in Jesus Christ. Take a look at many of these verses on faith here. [...]

10 Popular Scriptures from the Bible

The bible is filled with incredible teachings, lessons, words of advice, and so much more that we can use in order to get closer to our creator and Savior. However it sometimes seems that some bible scriptures are more prominently heard today than others. Here are 10 of the most popular scriptures from the bible. [...]

Bible verses on Marriage

God is all for marriage and wants us to be able to enjoy a happy fulfilling life with our spouses. This is evident in His word with many bible verses on Marriage and even an entire book (Song of Solomon / Song of Songs) devoted to the love and pleasures of married couples. Here is what God has to say about marriage in His word. [...]

Bible Verses about Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an essential part of Christian living, and is critical to the health of your body, spirit and mind. Take a look at what the God through His word has to say on the topic of forgiveness with these bible verses. [...]

Bible Verses about Love

The bible has many verses that speak about love. Here is a good compilation of bible verses about love that will help to renew your spirit, and your awareness of how important showing the love of God is. [...]