Bible Verses

“Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue” Bible Verse

Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue. Where is it found and what does it actually mean? Learn what the Bible says about the tongue and how important the words coming out of your mouth really are. [...]

25 Favorite Bible Verses for 2014

The Bible is full of truth, encouragement, wisdom and inspiration and today I want to share with you 25 of my favorite Bible verses, that will not only bring encouragement but will also uplift you and motivate you in your walk with Christ today. [...]

10 Encouraging Bible Verses for Hard Times

We all go through hardships and times of trouble where we not only need encouragement but wisdom and strength to endure and get past these times. The Bible is full of encouraging Bible verses that will encourage you greatly in hard times. Here are 10 great Bible verses that will encourage you today! [...]

15 Christian Bible Verses for Encouragment

The Word of God has many Christian Bible verses that will bring encouragement and fulfillment to your life. If life and its problems have you down take a look at these great promises from God and you will be encouraged and uplifted. [...]

20 Powerful Scriptures on Faith – Building your Faith

Faith is the basis of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Without faith we have nothing and can do nothing. In fact without faith we cannot please God. These 20 scriptures on faith will encourage you and help build your faith in Jesus Christ. [...]

Healing Scriptures – 10 Promises God Gives about Healing

God is the ultimate healer. He has the full ability and desires to heal you of any sickness or disease. The Word of God contains many healing scriptures that shows us how to receive healing and gives us promises about healing that we can stand on. Here are 10 great healing scriptures that will bless and encourage you today. [...]

15 Powerful Bible Verses about Hope – Have Peace Today!

No matter what your situation, or what hardship you may be going through God is on our side and He desires to help you through it. The Word of God has many Bible verses about Hope that will renew your strength and mindset and will help you get you through your troubles. Here are 15 powerful bible verses about hope that will bless you today! [...]

Do Unto Others Bible Verse

The "Do unto others" Bible verse is found in both Matthew and Luke and gives us a basic indication of how we are suppose to treat others. Let's take a closer look at this "Golden Rule" Bible verse. [...]

15 Bible Verses for Encouragement and Renewed Hope

Problems and stressful situations never seem to leave our lives. In those times that you feel beat up and don't know what to do, turn the the Word of God for encouragement. Here are 15 powerful Bible verses for encouragement and a renewed hope. [...]

23 Bible Verses about Patience – What God says about Patience

Patience is an important quality and is one that we need to exercise in our everyday lives. Unfortunately in a society where everything is fast paced and instant we can forget about patience. It is important that we slow down and give attention to the Bible verses about Patience in the Word of God. Here are 23 verses on patience for you today. [...]