Bible Verses

Longest Verse in the Bible – Bible Facts

The longest verse in the Bible is found in the Book of Esther. It is a powerful book about a Godly woman who was empowered through faith to save the lives of her people. Take a look at the longest verse in the Bible here. [...]

20 Powerful Bible Verses about Forgiveness – Forgiveness in the Bible

Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we have been forgiven our sins. Forgiveness is a very important part of our lives, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Here are 20 powerful Bible verses about forgiveness that will encourage and bless you today! [...]

15 Bible Verses about Marriage – God’s View of Marriage

The definition of marriage today has changed from what God originally intended. God created marriage to be between a man and woman, a life long commitment. Take a look at these 15 Bible verses about marriage, to gain a better understanding of how "Real" marriage should be. [...]

20 Best Bible Verses that Speak about God’s Blessings

God's Word speaks much about blessings, and living a happy prosperous life for those who follow and love the Lord. The best Bible verses about God's blessings teach us about these blessings, and tell us how we can be a recipient of these blessings. Here are 20 verses that will bless you. [...]

Top 31 Best Bible Verses for Encouragment and Strength

The Bible is filled with great verses that teach and encourage us. Here are 31 of the best Bible verses that will encourage, teach, and uplift you. These best Bible verses will give you great promises that you can stand on and will truly bless your life today! [...]

25 Powerful but Short Bible Verses

The Word of God has many short Bible verses that actually give us more information, and cause us to think more than the longer verses. These short verses encourage, and give instruction that will grow your faith. Here are 25 powerful and meaningful short Bible verses. [...]

25 Uplifting Bible Verses – Be Encouraged and Uplifted today!

We all need to be uplifted at times in our lives. The Bible has many uplifting verses that encourage us, and give us hope and peace in our lives. These uplifting bible verses are words that we can stand strong on because they are promises and advice from God. Here are 25 uplifting bible verses that will bless you today. [...]

22 Bible Verses about Healing – Speak Healing into your Life

The Word of God has many Bible verses about healing that not only show us God's healing power but also gives us instruction on healing and gives us promises of healing that we can stand on and speak into our lives. Here are 22 bible verses about healing that will bless you today! [...]

Pride Comes before the Fall Bible Verse – What does it mean?

Where is the Pride Comes before the Fall Bible verse found? What does this verse mean? Find out more about this verse and where it is found here. [...]

God Helps those who Helps Themselves Bible Verse

"God helps those who help themselves" Bible Verse, Where is it found in the Bible? and is this truly the way God feels about helping us? Find out more about this popular saying here. [...]