Bible Verses

Trust in the Lord Bible Verse – Learn to Fully Trust the Lord

The Trust in the Lord Bible verse is a powerful verse that not only gives instruction but gives us a promise from Christ that He will be there with us and will help us through anything if we would just put our trust in Him. Take a look at this verse here. [...]

Love is Patient Love is Kind Bible Verse

Love is patient love is kind is a very common phrase from the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13:4. This Bible verse speaks on what true love is and gives characteristics of it. We can also learn other things from this important verse. Take a look at them here. [...]

Daily Bible Verse – Psalm 37:3-6

Are you tired of feeling like no matter how hard you try to do something you just continually seem to fail? Today we are going to look at Psalm 37 where it shows us how we can be successful at whatever we do, and how we can have the favor of God over our lives. [...]

35 Bible Verses about Prayer – What the Bible says on Prayer

Prayer is the way we can communicate with God our Creator, Prayer can be requests, praises, thanksgiving or simple communication. The Word of God speaks a great deal on prayer, here are 35 Bible Verses about Prayer [...]

23 Bible Verses about Joy – What the Bible says about Joy

Joy is the emotion of having great delight, or happiness and it is the goal of everybody in existence today. We all just want to be happy. The Bible has many verses about joy and how we can obtain true Joy, no matter what we're going through. Here are 23 Bible verses about Joy that will encourage and bless you today. [...]

Daily Bible Verse – 1 Peter 1:3-4

With Easter on its way it is important to remember what makes the Easter holiday so special. Today we read from 1 Peter 1:3-4 and we take a look at why Easter is so important, and why we should take the time to thank Jesus Christ. [...]

Daily Bible Verse – Proverbs 15:1-4

Everyday people do things to anger or offend us, and we are faced with a decision to make. Either we lash out with our tongues or we show them the love of Christ. Today's Bible verse from Proverbs 15 shows us what our actions in these situations can accomplish and what we are told we should do according to the Word of God. [...]

15 Easter Bible Verses – Remembering What Christ Did For Us

Easter is quickly coming up and while the world celebrates the candy, gifts and colored eggs, it is important to remember the real reason for Easter. Here are 15 Easter Bible verses that will remind you of what is truly special and priceless about Easter. [...]

Daily Bible Verse – John 15:18-21

Have you ever wondered why Christianity is one of the most hated religions in the world? The Bible tells us why in the Gospel of John 15. Today we take a look at this verse in more detail. [...]

Daily Bible Verse – Matthew 7:1-6

We can often pass judgment to others without even knowing it. Whether it be about their appearance, character or spiritual views. The Word however has something to say about judging others. Todays Bible Verse is from Matthew 7. [...]