Bible Verses

For God So Loved the World Bible Verse

The "For God so loved the world" Bible verse is an extremely powerful verse that gives us a reminder of God's incredible love for each and everyone of us. See the entire verse and location in the Bible here. [...]

Anxiety Bible Verses – Bible Verses about Anxiety

Anxiety affects everybody at some point in their life, while for some it is mild for many anxiety can destroy their lives. The Word of God teaches on Anxiety and how we can overcome it. Be encouraged with these Bible Verses on Anxiety. [...]

The Bible and Fasting – 10 Great Fasting Bible Verses

Fasting is the process of temporarily giving up food or something else of great importance in order to focus more on God through prayer and worship. Fasting can be the door to your breakthrough. See what the Word of God has to say about Fasting with these Bible Verses on Fasting. [...]

Luke Bible Verses – 33 Bible Verses from Luke

The gospel of Luke gives us a historical look at the events surrounding the birth, life, execution and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Luke contains many Bible verses that will encourage you and will help to build your knowledge of God, Jesus and will also help build your faith. Read these 33 Luke Bible verses now. [...]

Bible Verses about Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that has been growing in popularity among both men and women. Many churches have even adopted the homosexual lifestyle and are performing homosexual marriages. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Here are some Bible verses about homosexuality [...]

Bible Thanksgiving Verses – 15 Verses about Being Thankful

Thanksgiving should be a major part of our life. Despite what we go through it is important that we remember what the Lord had done for us and what He has blessed us with. Here are 24 bible verses about thanksgiving that will give you encouragement. [...]

20 Important Bible Verses about Life

The Bible has many verses on life. These bible verses about life speak on our conduct here on earth, and how we can life a successful, happy and fulfilling life, however it also talks about a life that is so much more important that all of this. Here are 20 Important Bible verses about life that you cannot afford to pass up. [...]

20 Bible Verses about Trusting in God

Trusting in the people and things of this world can often lead to disappointment, rejection and broken trusts. The Bible tells us that we are to put our trust in Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God. It tells us that He will never do us wrong and will never leave or forsake us or break our trust. Here are 20 bible verses about trust that illustrate these promises. [...]

Christmas Bible Verses – A Reminder of the Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time, a time of hope and good will, however the world has taken the spirit of Christmas and has turned it into a selfish materialistic spirit. The true meaning of Christmas must not be lost, here are some great Christmas Bible Verses to remind you of what Christmas is all about. [...]