Bible Verses

15 Bible Verses about Sexual Lust

Lust is a sinful desire that is part of our sinful nature that we must learn to throw off. The Bible talks a lot about lust and how dangerous it can be. Learn more about it here with these 15 Verses about Lust. [...]

15 Good Bible Verses to Strengthen You

Are you going through a hard time? We all go through rough times and need encouragement and promises we can stand on. Here are 15 good Bible verses to help encourage and strengthen you. [...]

10 Key Bible Verses about Faith

As Christians we need to realize that our faith goes so much deeper than simply believing in God. It is through faith that we are saved, that we receive and can activate the authority given to us by Jesus and so much more. The Bible gives us great information about faith here are 10 of those key bible verses on faith. [...]

Love is Patient Bible Verse

The Bible has a lot to say on love. Love is such a powerful action that is at the root of every good thing that exists. One of the most popular Bible Verses is from 1 Corinthians 13 - Love is patient and kind. Read the whole bible verse here. [...]

This Too Shall Pass Bible Verse

Where is the "This too shall pass" bible verse in the Bible? Learn more about this uplifting verse and find out where to find it in the Bible. [...]

13 Bible Verses to Restore and Strengthen Relationships

Nearly everybody in the world is involved in some sort of relationship, whether it be marriage, dating, friendship, spiritual, or family. When these relationships begin to falter and degrade it can deeply hurt us and cause our lives to become miserable and hellish. Take a look at how you can restore and strengthen these relationships. [...]

11 Humbling Bible Verses about Selfishness

We live in a period in time where selfishness is at an all time high. This can be seen through the lack of love, peace and the overwhelming amount of violence and heinous crimes. The Bible warns us against being selfish and putting ourselves first. Take a look at what the Word of God tells us about selfishness [...]

Important Bible Verses when Considering Divorce

Divorce is a very serious and life altering decision that must not be taken lightly. Take a look at what the Bible says about divorce with these important verses. [...]

10 Insightful Bible Verses on Generosity

Generosity is a very important act according to the word of God. He teaches us to be generous and to freely give. God looks at this as us being faithful to His Word and will in turn pay you back with abundant blessings. Lets take a look at 15 Insightful Bible verses on generosity. [...]

15 Scripture Verses to Cheer you Up Today

We all have bad days now and then, and the best way to take our minds off of the issues or circumstances that are causing our bad day is to get into God's Word. 15 amazing verses to cheer you up today! [...]