Bible Verses

20 Bible Scripture Verses on God’s Grace

God's grace can never be earned, it is freely given to those who desire and accept it. God's grace is what saves us from eternal death, it's what gives us strength to get through some of the toughest times. Take a look at what the Bible tells us about God's grace with these 20 bible scripture verses. [...]

25 Uplifting Bible Verses about Life

In this world there is life and there is death. There are many instances in God's Word where it speaks about life. Here are 25 uplifting and meaningful bible verses about life. [...]

31 Motivational Bible Verses to Encourage you

We all need motivation at times in order to encourage us to do something, or make changes to our life. Here are 31 motivational Bible verses that will give you encouragement and give you the push you need in order to get you back into gear. [...]

25 Comforting Bible Verses about Death

Death will eventually come to all of us, this can be a very scary concept especially if you are not fully aware of the events that will take place when you die. Here are 25 bible verses about death that will help to give you a better understanding and bring you comfort about death. [...]

15 Bible Scripture Verses to Encourage you Today

We all need encouragement on a daily basis because of the stress and the sinful world we live in. Here are 15 amazing bible scripture verses to encourage you today. [...]

Popular Bible Verses for Fear

Fear runs rampant in today's society, we are fearful of the violence, people, the unknown and all kinds of other things. Fear is an emotion that affects everybody from kids all the way up to full grown adults. Discover what the Bible has to say about Fear and How you can rid yourself of it. [...]

17 Bible Verses about Kindness

Kindness is the act of being gentle, mild, good natured, benevolent and showing humility and favor towards somebody. The Word of God has many Bible verses about kindness and we are taught that we need to be kind and show kindness towards others; even your enemies. Here are 17 bible verses that talk about kindness. [...]

26 Uplifting Bible Verses about Life

There are many instances in God's Word where it speaks about life. It is through His word that we can know how to live our lives, how life began, and what our purpose in life is. 26 bible verses about what the bible says about life. [...]

20 Bible Scriptures that Speak on Love

Love is a powerful act that shows just how much you care about somebody or something. Love is a major part of God's Word. This is because God is love. The Bible (God's Word) is filled with scriptures that speak of love, not only how we should love others, but how God loves us, how we should love God and what love looks like. [...]

7 Bible Scriptures on Strength

On a daily basis our strength is tested, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. We need to draw our strength from God who is capable and willing to give us the strength we need to get past any problem. See what God's Word has to say with these verses on strength. [...]