Joel Osteen 2015 Sermon- God’s Ways are Not Our Ways

Joel Osteen 2015 Sermon - God's ways are Not our Ways is a powerful, encouraging sermon that will teach you about God's ways and what He truly wants for you in this life on earth. Watch the full sermon here and be blessed and encouraged today. [...]

World War 3 – Ezekiel 38 Prophecy – Gog Magog War

World war 3 as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 in the Word of God, gives us a great indication of who will be involved, how many will be affected and will give us the basics of what will happen. Watch this incredibly informative video that dissects Ezekiel 38 and gives us a good look at what will happen. [...]

How to Control Emotions – Video

Allowing your emotions to control your thoughts and actions can really work to get you into trouble, as we often say or do things that we do not intend to. Learn how to control emotions with this incredible video by Joyce Meyer. [...]

The Power of Words – Joyce Meyer Sermon Videos

When you finally have an understanding of the power of words it will completely change your Christian walk and you life forever. The power of words is so important that even the Son of God spoke the world into existence. Learn how incredibly powerful your words can be and how you can control what comes out of your mouth. [...]

Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage Videos – Mark Gungor

Looking for sound Biblical Marriage Advice with a twist of Humor? Laugh your Way to a better marriage is a great seminar series on marriage that will help to turn your marriage into the marriage God intended for you. Watch 2 full seminar videos of laugh your way to a better marriage here. [...]

Joyce Meyer – Faith vs Fear – Encouraging Sermon

Faith is essential to a relationship with Jesus Christ and is also crucial to the strengthening of our relationship with Christ and the ability to live our lives in Christ. However satan uses fear to try to kill our faith and leave us fearful and doubting the Word of God. Joyce Meyers shows us how to overcome this in her sermon entitled Faith vs Fear. Watch Now [...]

Joyce Meyer Sermon – Spending Time with God

Joyce Meyer in this video sermon, talks about spending time with God and the importance of it for our Christian walk. Spending time with God is hard and satan will do everything he can to keep you from it, but Joyce teaches us how to overcome this and make spending time with God a regular habit. [...]

Caroline Leaf – The Power of the Brain

Caroline leaf is a cognitive neuro-scientist who has been studying the brain for over 25 years. She now travels the world teaching others about how the brain works, and using her knowledge to draw a link between science and the Word of God. Watch her video on the power of the brain here. [...]

Mark Gungor – Tale of Two Brains

Ever wondered why your spouse are the way they are, and do the things they do? Well it is scientifically proven that both men and women have differently wired brains. Mark Gungor in this video takes us through these differences that will help you to better understand the opposite sex. [...]

John Bevere – Relentless

Faith is crucial to Christianity, without it we literally have nothing and can do nothing. Everyday as Christians our faith is tested, and when these situations arise if we are not ready for them we will be overtaken. John Bevere teaches you the tools and information you need to arm yourself against these times were your faith will be tested. [...]