25 Hill – Christian Movie Review

25 Hill Christian Movie Review

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
Movie Cast
Nathan Gamble as Trey Caldwell
Timothy Omundson as Thomas
Maureen Flanigan as Maggie Caldwell
Corbin Bernsen as Roy Gibbs
Rolanda Watts as Mrs. Banner
Movie Director
Directed by Corbin Bernsen

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2011
Runtime:1hr 48min
Genre: Christian-Drama
Lessons Taught:Forgiveness, Teamwork

CBL Rating:

4 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Movie Summary
An 11 Year old boy(Trey Caldwell) has dreams about racing in a soap box derby. Trey and his father have embarked on a project to build a soap box racer so that Trey can race. Trey’s dreams of soap box racing are shattered one day as he receives word that his father has been killed in action overseas. Through a course of events Trey is introduced to Roy a fire chief who is also in grieving for his own son who died in 9-11 attacks. Roy becomes a father figure in Trey’s life and the dream of soap box racing is revived when Roy agrees to help him finish his soap box racer. Trey and Roy develop a strong friendship and they learn that together they can accomplish more than anyone thought possible.
Movie Review
51 Hill is an incredible Christian drama written and directed by Corbin Bernsen with an emotional but absolutely compelling and uplifting story of grieving and overcoming the loss of loved ones.The movie begins with Trey and his father who is an army reservist building a soap box racer together. We learn early on in the movie that Trey’s father is called overseas and is killed. Trey and his mother are devastated and Trey throws away his dreams of racing in a soap box derby.

Trey finds it hard to cope with his fathers death and is struggling in his daily life as well as in school. Trey’s teacher is concerned and decides to have him go and meet Roy; a fire chief who has been devastated by the death of his own son also a firefighter in the 9-11 attacks. When the two first meet there is quite a bit of awkward tension as neither of them really know why they were paired together by Trey’s teacher. They soon learn however that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought.

Throughout the movie Trey and Roy deal with a series of different personal conflicts as well as external conflicts and end up building a strong friendship that not only begins to help them cope and heal from their tragic losses but also helps to build their character and their faith. The themes and principles expressed by this movie have a strong biblical base and you are not left guessing what the moral of the story is.

Aside from some very minor violence depicted (car accident), the use of the word “Butt” and some marital kissing.51 Hill is a clean movie with a great message and good lessons to learn, that is safe for the whole family to watch and enjoy. The quality of the movie and the acting is really well done, and the script was really well put together. Overall this is a great movie with Christian themes and values wrapped up into a powerful and compelling story.

Movie Trailer

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