God’s Not Dead Movie Reviewed – Don’t Be Misled – Read This First

God's Not Dead Christian Movie Review

Movie Cast
Willie Robertson as Himself
David A.R White as Reverend Dave
Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton
Kevin Sorbo. as Prof. Radisson
Korie Robertson as Herself
Movie Director
Directed by David Nixon, Patrick Dought

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2014
Runtime:1hr 53min
Genre: Christian-Drama
Lessons Taught:Existence of God,Salvation,Forgiveness

CBL Rating:

5 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Movie Summary

God’s Not Dead is a christian drama that features a young university student (Josh Wheaton) who is faced with a situation where he will have to either stand up for his belief in God or face a challenge from his university professor (Prof Radisson) where he will have to prove that God does really exist.

Despite the rest of the class whether they believe or not going along with the professors idea that God is dead, Josh stands firm and decides to take on the challenge of trying to prove that God exists to his classmates and atheist professor. With many of the brightest minds in the scientific field saying otherwise, Josh’s decision to go against all of them could end up ruining his academic career should he fail to prove the existence of God.

Movie Review
God’s Not Dead has received many different reviews all over the place ranging from very good to very poor and unbelievable. Despite the many, many negative reviews that exist out there online, God’s Not Dead was a excellent movie that brings its viewers not only a great message of hope that God is NOT dead but also a message of standing up and fighting for your faith despite the chance of losing everything in this world.
I must say I was very impressed at the fact that unlike the stigma attached to many other Christian movies out there, that God’s Not Dead was very well acted out, and was not boring, too cliche, “preachy” or cheesy in any sense. I found that God’s Not Dead really kept my interest, and delivered a lot of good wholesome content that the audience can relate to and learn from.
This movie while I feel it could have put more emphasis on giving proof of God’s existence as this was what the movie was suppose to be mainly focused on, I feel that the overall point and message that the movie was trying to portray was clearly delivered and was based on biblical examples and truths.
God’s Not Dead does have a bit of minor violence, but overall I would not hesitate to bring children to go see this movie.
Overall God’s Not Dead is a fantastic movie that will bring encouragement to anybody who watches it, and even though other reviews and other people may tell you to stay away or that it was in some way a terrible movie, I would encourage you to remember that this movie will offend and make waves within the atheistic community and I believe that any negativity surrounding this movie is nothing more than a backlash from these individuals that is a sign of the times that the world is becoming less tolerant to the Word of God.
I strongly encourage everybody Christian or not to go see this movie. If you are a Christian I strongly recommend bringing some of your unsaved friends, God’s Not Dead delivers a powerful message of hope for the lost, and I have heard numerous accounts of unsaved people coming to Christ through this movie.
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