In the Blink of An Eye – Christian Movie Review

In the Blink of an Eye - Christian Movie Review

In the Blink of an Eye
Movie Cast
David A.R White as David
Eric Roberts as Cpt. Jones
Lonnie Colon as Larry
Logan White as Lori
Anise Fuller as Suzette
Movie Director
Directed by Michael SinClair

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2009
Runtime:1hr 25min
Genre: Thriller
Lessons Taught:Rapture, Repentance, Forgiveness, Grace

CBL Rating:

4 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)
Movie Summary
David (David A.R White) and his partner Larry (Lonnie Colon) are local cops who save pops singer Jessica Hope (Jessica Magnuson) from her kidnappers. In an act of gratitude Jessica and her boyfriend invite the cops and their spouses for a yacht vacation down in mexico. David and Larry’s captain finds out some information about Jessica’s boyfriend that could link him to the kidnapping. David and Larry accept the offer as it will be a perfect way to get some investigation done. What happens on this trip however will be something they never expected and will change their lives forever.
Movie Review
In the Blink of an Eye is a suspenseful Christian thriller movie directed by Michael Sinclair. This movie is a thriller based on the rapture as stated in the book of Revelations from the Bible. In the Blink of an Eye delivers a powerful message of salvation and what Jesus Christ did for us when He died on the cross.

The movie starts out with an action scene where David and Larry, two local cops are investigating the disappearance of a singer named Jessica Hope. They receive a tip as to her whereabouts and it ends up paying off as they rescue her from her kidnappers. In an act of gratitude David, Larry and their wives are invited for a vacation on the singers yacht in Mexico.

The officers accept as it will be a perfect way to do some investigation into Jessica’s boyfriend who they discover could have been in on the kidnapping. As the vacation begins we are introduced to the captain of the ship, a hard looking man with a lot of baggage, and a ship mate who seems very nice and helpful. One day during the vacation David’s wife, Larry and his wife disappear out of nowhere and now he must try to figure out what happened to them.

In the Blink of an Eye is similar to the old movie GroundHog day with Bill Murray, in that David while on vacation becomes trapped in what appears to be a time warp cycle where he wakes up to the same day, and situations every day. Everyday he gains more knowledge and insight into the disappearance of his wife and friends until he is able to figure things out and find out what is causing their disappearance.

Overall In the Blink of an Eye is a pretty good movie that I would recommend for the whole family. Aside for some portions of the movie that don’t seem to flow well, and the beginning with some pretty rocky acting, this movie is very entertaining, and does at some points leave you anxiously awaiting what comes next.

Movie Trailer

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