Revelation Road 2 – Movie Review

Revelation Road 2 - Christian Movie Review

Revelation Road
Movie Cast
David A.R White as Josh McManus
Brian Bosworth as Hawg
Eric Roberts as Sheriff Jensen
Andrea Logan White as Cat
Steve Borden as Junkyard
Noell Coet as Beth
Movie Director
Directed by Gabriel Sabloff

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2013
Runtime:1hr 31min
Genre: Action
Lessons Taught:Rapture, Repentance, Forgiveness, Grace

CBL Rating:

3 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Movie Summary
Josh McManus (David A.R. White) a bulletproof vest salesman desperately tries to make it home to his family, however his efforts have been greatly hindered ever since the rapture happened. He is now faced with evil, chaos and violence from every angle. In order for Josh to make it home alive he must either embrace his violent past and take out whoever stands in his way or he must surrender to God and become a man of faith, giving it to God and letting God guide him home. The decision Josh makes could save him or kill him, which will he choose?
Movie Review
Revelation Road 2 – The Sea of Glass and Fire is a suspenseful Christian action movie directed by Gabriel Sabloff, that is a continuation of Revelation Road – The beginning to the End, which delivers a powerful message of the cross and what Jesus Christ did for us.

Revelation Road 2 continues on the life and story of Josh McManus (David A.R White) an ex military operative who has become a salesman of bulletproof vests. In this second part of the movie Josh continues on his journey home to his family, but is continually delayed because of the attacks from Hawg’s group of outlaw bikers. Josh must rely on his previous training in the military in order to get past traps, and fight off these thugs. Along the way Josh meets up with the town sheriffs and the young girl he had saved in the store earlier in the first part of the movie, and the young girl ends up tagging along with Josh. Little does Josh know that having her along with him will = ultimately change the course of his life forever.

I found this movie to be a bit of a different style than most movies of this genre. Revelation Road 2 has a lot more character development of the biker gang and shows these developments through flashbacks. While I found the flashbacks cut into the movie a bit and some of them just didn’t seem to flow, I don’t feel that it was a big enough negative to ruin the movie.

Revelation road 2 is an entertaining movie that has a lot of action and suspenseful scenes that will keep your attention right to the very end. The acting is again mediocre and could have been more fluid and in some parts more believable but does not really ruin the overall content of the movie. While there are scenes that include violence, killing and frightening content, I would still consider this movie to be okay for viewing by a teenage audience of 13 or older.

Movie Trailer

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