Revelation Road – Christian Movie Review

Revelation Road - Christian Movie Review

Revelation Road
Movie Cast
David A.R White as Josh McManus
Brian Bosworth as Hawg
Eric Roberts as Sheriff Jensen
Logan White as Cat
Steve Borden as Junkyard
Noell Coet as Beth
Movie Director
Directed by Gabriel Sabloff

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2013
Runtime:1hr 28min
Genre: Action
Lessons Taught:Rapture, End Days, Forgiveness, Grace

CBL Rating:

4 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Movie Summary
Josh McManus (David A.R. White) a salesman with a history of violence is on the road in West Texas selling bulletproof vests. Josh false victim to being at the wrong place at the wrong time when he becomes a hostage in a robbery by the Barbarians(Biker Gang) and must use his knowledge and skills to kill the thieves and save the lives of those in the store. Josh has now become a target of the most feared biker gang and what seemed like a normal sales trip that morning has turned into a desperate struggle to get back home to his family.
Movie Review
Revelation Road – The Beginning of the End is a suspenseful Christian action movie directed by Gabriel Sabloff, that does a great job in delivering the message of faith and forgiveness.

Revelation Road is an “end times” type thriller that focuses on the life and story of Josh McManus (David A.R White) an ex military operative who has become a salesman of bulletproof vests. During one of his sales trips he meets up with a store owner in West Texas. During his sales pitch a group of bikers from a feared biker gang come in and attempt to rob the store.

Immediately Josh jumps into action and foils the robbery, killing the bikers. As a thank you he is invited to the owners house for a meal, and it is there that Josh is told about the truth of Jesus Christ and how he can be saved from his past. Josh is not interested and after dinner he continues on his trip home to his family. As Josh begins to think about what the store owner told him, he begins to realize that he may have been right but suddenly something happens that throws everything into chaos and could leave him with more questions then answers.

Revelation road is an entertaining movie that has a lot of action and suspenseful scenes that will keep your attention right to the very end. The acting is mediocre and could have been more fluid but does not really ruin the content of the movie. While there are scenes that include violence and frightening content, I would still consider this movie to be okay for viewing by a teenage audience.

Throughout the movie we can clearly see from the dialog and events in the movie that the faith message is strongly stated and delivered. This movie gives hope of a new life to those who are searching and for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Movie Trailer

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