The Grace Card – Christian Movie Review

The Grace Card Christian Movie Review

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
Movie Cast
Michael Joiner as Bill McDonald
Michael Higgenbottom as Sam Wright
Joy Parmer Moore as Sara McDonald
Louis Gossett Jr. as George Wright
Rob Erickson as Blake McDonald
Movie Director
Directed by David G. Evans

Movie Information
Christian Movie Review Rating
Year Released:2010
Runtime:1hr 41min
Genre: Christian-Drama
Lessons Taught:Forgiveness, Grace, Love

CBL Rating:

4 Star Rating
User Rating:
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Movie Summary
In one second are lives can be changed forever, and can take a lifetime to recover from. The grace card is a story of a family who’s son is tragically killed. The family relationship begins to degrade and the father Bill McDonald(Michael Joiner) begins living life full of bitterness. Things start to change however when Bill receives a new police partner, he is soon introduced the the grace card, a card that will forever change his life.
Movie Review
The Grace Card is a Christian drama written by Howard Klausner and directed by David G. Evans, that uses biblical principles to deliver its message of love, forgiveness and most obviously grace.

The movie begins with Bil McDonald(Michael Joiner) a local cop and his family outside of their house. Their young son is playing and is suddenly hit by a car and tragically killed. Bill’s family is devastated and because of the rage and anger that Bill holds onto from his loss, his family relationship begins to degrade as well as his faith in God.

After being passed up for yet another promotion Bill learns that he is being partnered up with the cop that received the promotion Sgt. Sam Wright a part time minister, who is starting up his own church. Bill and Sam don’t see eye to eye and Bill finds it hard to look past their differences and lets Sam know it.

Bill and Sam have many differences which create obstacles and issues, and both find it hard to look past these differences. With their partnership off to a rocky start can these two finally look past each others pains and differences and use the Grace of God to help each other overcome the hurt and obstacles in their lives?

The Grace card is rated PG-13 and it does contain scenes of yelling, arguing, medium violence, mild name calling, racial themes and mildly intense events that may not be suitable for a young audience. The message however, is clearly brought through and in my opinion this movie does a great job with acting and with overall quality of the show.

Movie Trailer

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