Creation vs God Documentary hits Youtube

Ever since the father of evolution; Charles Darwin released the idea that the world began from a big cataclysmic explosion and over the last trillions of years has been slowly evolving from amoebas to what we have now, there has been a divided debate between Evolutionism and Creationism.  Evolution as most already know is said to based on “scientific facts” while Creationism is said to be based solely on faith.

Ray Comfort is a New Zealand born Christian evangelistic minister who is known for writing over 60 books and has had his hand in many debates about atheism and evolution.  He has just recently released a video on YouTube that is entitled Evolution vs God.  This video is a documentary and basically has Ray going to different people who are educated in the scientific field asking them to prove evolution to him through observable scientific evidence.

It is no surprise that this video documentary has been making waves with the atheistic community.  The video has received numerous comments in both agreement and complete rejection of his claims and his findings in the video.  In fact there have been rebuttal videos to try to disprove his documentary surface almost over night.

The video is around 38 minutes long and can be seen below.  You can also read the entire news article about this video on the blaze.



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