Evolutionist Bill Nye Debates Creationist Ken Ham

This past week the long awaited evolution vs creation debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham took place. The 150 minute debate was held at the creation museum auditorium in Petersburg, KY.

Bill Nye who is best known for his tv show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is an evolutionist, who places all existence on the basis of science, and the big bang. Ken Ham is a creationist who runs the creation museum where the debate was held.

The debate started out with both of the respected men delivering a 5 minute introduction to the basic points of why they thought their model was right. It was then moved to a 30 minute segment for each where they were able to present all of their facts, evidence and visual aids. Following that was a back and forth debate session and finally ended off with questions from the audience.

The full creation vs evolution debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham can be seen below:

Evolution vs Creation – Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate Video



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