Exodus : Gods and Kings Movie (2012)


Another Bible story is set to hit theaters December 12 2014.  The movie which is entitled Exodus: Gods and Kings will tell the story of Moses from birth to all the way to the deliverance of the Israelite people from the hand of Pharaoh.  Exodus: Gods and Kings is directed by Ridley Scott who is known for directing some popular movies such as Gladiator, Blackhawk Down and Promethus, and will star Christian Bale as Moses.

The movies main characters will be played by well known actors and are listed below:

Christian Bale … Moses
Joel Edgerton … Ramses
John Turturro … Seti
Sigourney Weaver … Tuya
Aaron Paul … Joshua
Ben Mendelsohn
Ben Kingsley … Nun
Indira Varma … Miriam

My Thoughts

While this movie is set to be directed by a good director and does boast a decent cast, I can only hope that since it is doubtful that there will be a whole lot of Christian influence in the directing of this movie that it may end up like Noah; a entertaining but very un-Biblical telling of a biblical based event.  I can only hope that Exodus: Gods and Kings will more closely follow the true unadulterated Word of God.

Don’t get me wrong the fact that more Biblical based movies are coming out is great, it really goes to show that everybody whether they want to admit it or not has a yearning to know more about God and feel an inward drawing towards Him.  That being said it is important that these movies accurately represent the true stories based on the Bible so that those who are not familiar with the Bible don’t get a skewed view of the Bible and the Christian faith.


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