Nasa Telescope Captures “Hand of God”

NASA Space Telescope Sees 'Hand of God'

Space and science often don’t seem to mix with religion or the theory of God because many are very quick to discount the fact that God in fact does exist and He has created us and everything else in this universe that we exist in.  The scientific facts that are in support of the “Big Bang” are based on hollow unproven hypothesis that are being pushed in to our society, thus pushing God out of our society.

Nature however, because it has been created and designed by a God of variety, artistry and immense detail often gives us vivid glimpses of the fact that God’s hand is in everything around us.  It is at these times where we sit back in wonder and awe at how incredible and truly great God really is and the magnificent things He is capable of.

NASA recently released a picture taken from their telescope that is showing debris, gases and other particles being thrown outward into space after a star exploded. The image that was captured appears to be in the shape of a hand and has since been named the “Hand of God”.

This space image serves as a proof that once again this world simply cannot and is not the creation of a huge explosion that happened purely out of coincidence.

If you would like further reading on this picture you can find more information from

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